September 30, 2008

Quick memoirs on my 28th Bday...

snapshot with the birthday gals!

with my sis-in-law (in pink) Acoy and Tin posing for a shot

inside the bucket is our own version of chicken joy hehe

with my nephew Daryl, my host-brother, nephew Rocky and niece Riza

My birthday was simple gathered by family members and some friends. Despite the foggy weather outside, we'd managed to enjoy the party with a little videoke on the side. hehe I miss them back home...again. See you next year! Muah

September 28, 2008

Back to the City of Prohibitions!

Hi Everyone! I'm back to the City of Prohibitions. Thank God I arrived safely despite the heavy rains back in Philippines.

First, I'd like to say thanks to all the people who remembered me on my birthday. It was indeed a sweet thought of you. Second, I apologise for not being able to update my site during my vacation. I'll make it up this time. Geez, I've got loads of stuffs waiting to be done. I miss my cyber home and friends! Muah Muah Muah!

More updates soon...

Banzai - Big Sushi Winner!

Bored? Having fun after tiring activity is an essential way to refresh our mind and forget about boredom.

Recently a new party game from Screen Games was launched. It is called Banzai, a betting game taken from absurd stunts taken from the Super Banzai Video Show. This game is suitable for ages 16 to adult with 2 or more players.

The team chooses a “Shogun” who plays the DVD Banzai Menu button through out the game to watch the video and its result. The plastic sushi and Betting Cards are equally distributed among the players. Let the game begin!

The game rules have 3 Steps.

1. Betting Clips. The Shogun plays the video, depending on the challenge the players watch the video and guess from the 2 to 5 outcomes. After the premise, players have 15 seconds to make their sushi wages using chopsticks only without in contact with any body parts.

2. Betting Cards. Whoever has the most sushi controls the bet and puts their Betting Card under the Community Betting Bowl. This signifies that the first chance to win the pot, each player who thinks that their guess is the right answer can match the bettor’s amount of sushi (ante up) or they can choose to fold and sit out the round (Poker style). The players who did not fold and chose to stay in the round now place the card representing their outcome guesses under their individual Sushi Bowls. This signifies that they have the second chance to win the pot.

3. Wining the Pot. Once all of the bets are in the Betting Bowl and the Betting Cards are in their proper places, the SHOGUN hits the Continue button on the DVD Menu. The Banzai stunt now plays and the outcome is revealed. The player with the card under the Betting Bowl now reveals their guess. If their card matches the actual outcome on the disc, then they win all of the Sushi in the pot! If they guessed wrong, then all of the players still in the round show their cards. The pot is divided among everyone who guessed correctly. If nobody guessed correctly, then each player removes the Sushi they bet, puts it back into their Sushi Bowl, and goes on to the next clip.

Whoever wins all the sushi, wins the game. Kanpai!

See below for the games screen shot I have downloaded.

Play Banzai now and show that Chopstick skills. We'll for me as an Office Worker, it is a fun to play with my colleagues and friends. It is available to purchase online and see Tako on his Myspace page.
ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:


A Vacation to Remember

Its been a while since I've gone home for a vacation. Time flies really fast, I didn't noticed that vacation has just been over. Bye Clark, hello Changi :)

iLasik Technology - Vision Breakthrough

Through the years that have gone, we are continuously exposing our eye sight to different radiations from technological innovations like television, video games and computers. I have been working with computers since its evolvement in 1990’s to present and I tend to suffer migraine and blurry vision. The old fashion way to resolve this issue is through wearing eye glasses or contact lenses, which sometimes is annoying to use.

Good thing new method was developed by Scientist and Ophthalmologist through LASIK technology which helps us regain our 20/20 vision or better. This procedure is widely used in the US Military and NASA to improve the vision of specialized personnel facing extreme and physically demanding conditions at work. iLasik Technology uses 2 lasers to restore abnormality within your vision which is clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

You will be surprised that people wearing eye glasses are good candidates for iLasik procedure. you must be 21 years old, in good health, have stable vision prescription for at least one year and no existing eye disease in order to take advantage of the procedure.

There is no mystery on this method. Furthermore, it is reasonably affordable. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the “Generation I” just visit LASIK information for more details. Find the perfect choice that matches your comfort!


September 26, 2008 myspace graphic comments

To me :)

September 21, 2008

Back Home!

Hi guys I'm here back home to spend my vacation.

A Need of Digital Makeover

Check this out Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover, it is a site where you can find help line for Digital makeover on your happy moments photos and videos for any special events. I watched their sample episode entitled “Wedding Day Crunch”, where in Michael and his fiancĂ©e Monika wish to put together a multimedia show that chronicles their lives to be showed on their Reception. It is a dilemma for them with only two weeks to go before the big day.

With the help of Zozy and Chris, the couple was taught to make spices and design to their happy moment pictures. Roxio Creator was introduced to help them ease the task, with the application software you can provide slide transition to each picture, add comment text, background music and others. It is amazing right, no need to spend $100 plus for Studio Professional.

No need to think twice go to Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover website to experience the professional way of Digital life on your own. You even have an opportunity to feature on the show! Just enter the contest. You could even win some digital goodies like an HDTV, cameras and more.

Play sample video below for episode's video.


September 16, 2008

Charice Rocks!

O-M-G! Charice rocks bigtime. I could not help but post the duet she had with her dream singer, Celine Dion held at the Madison Square Garden in New York yesterday. If there are things worth proud of about the Philippines, Charice is one of them. She is truly an inspiration. Go Charice, I am your fan! Who is she? Ask Wiki to get a load of her. Better yet, visit Charice online to get serenaded by her enchanting voice.

Youtube Credit: jimfan155


That's how time flies since this weekend. I haven't been able to spend time here in my cyber home because of too much work in hand. I packed up all the stuffs that I need to bring home. Yes, O-M-G! I'm super excited. It's been almost a year and I'd want to make sure this trip (even if it's short) to be worthwhile. I have everything pre-planned from the day I depart to arrival. I miss my family. I miss everyone. Well, I hope they miss me too hehe. I can't wait to embrace the cold and foggy Baguio. Four more days to go, Baguio here I come!

September 13, 2008

Friends come and go...

Another wonderful journey had passed for me and a good friend at work. It is always a pleasure to meet wonderful people. I say this with all gratitude that she had welcomed me without any reservations and treated me well. I appreciate so much the thought that she never alienated me just because I am a foreigner. Rarely will I find people with a good heart nowadays. There are people who pretend to be nice but rotten within. And those people pretending so much to be smart but hell yeah their disposition sucks!


Eve, it was nice working with you. Thanks mucho for being a good friend. You have got a long way ahead of you. Aim high in your education. Trust me, earning a degree is like winning a lottery for a lifetime. It is your gateway to becoming a successful woman someday. Inspire yourself to become better and don't be like others who are paranoid, kiss-ass, and envious about stuffs just to gain success. If you need a friend or a big sister (except you're taller than me) I'm just a phone call away. Thanks again for the hospitality. You've welcomed me in Singapore warmheartedly. You are the very first I've met here who have seen the real me as a colleague and friend. Yaya, eh? Haha. Stay happy and out of trouble, ok? See you on your B-day. Muah!

September 10, 2008

Paperwork 101

Are you a student with lots of paperwork but got so little time finish it? If yes, well cramming is definitely not the answer. Leave the worry to eWritegigs. It is a research network that caters to writing thesis paper, essays, research proposals, and a lot more. Check their website to find out more information on how to make your student life easier and worry-free.

Series-Packed Monday

My Mondays will always be a series-packed busy. It started last week when two of my favorite series, Gossip Girl and Prison Break premiered.

Photobucket Photobucket

Gossip Girl - The twist continues when the upper east siders are back in the city. Serena and Dan made a deal to take it slow after rekindling their love. But then again, promises are never kept for a long time, not for this lovebirds. Hail Queen B reigns again despite Chuck's smothering presence. Bad boy Chuck with a woman gatecrashed Blair's trying-so-hard to host a laid-back English party to impress her Lord Marcus. B was hoping to meet the Duchess in the party which came in a surprise when Chuck introduced the woman with her, THE Duchess. Gotcha! While the party boringly continued, Nate showed up completely surprised to see Catherine, his mystery woman/Duchess/mom of his ex's date. Spotted! So much to get the camera rolling. XOXO! Related links here

Prison Break - Ack! Every minute of the episode is breathtaking. Show's creator Paul have made a masterpiece in this show. Every character has to be revved up finding the missing cards to complete the Scylla. While Michael's group is busy trying to come up with a solution, T-bag in California is putting into chain the bits and pieces he found in the birds pocket book. The twist continues when the FBI Agent was ordered to shut down the operation as the investigation is not going any further, Michael's group tried to escape. All were caught except for Michael. They were handcuffed, but just for a minute. Michael brilliantly connected the dots and figured out where to find the next clue to Scylla. Hence, FBI Agent released the group and was sent back to work. Stay tuned for the next clue. Related links here

Photo Credits: 54_uploadedImage__gossip_girl_week_2.jpg

September 09, 2008

Swiss it is!

US Open finally ended in favor of Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. It is his fifth trophy in a row. Cheers to all fans out there!

I was so tempted to take a leave of absence to watch the finals between Roger and Andy. Good thing my angel whispered me not to make such a big deal out of the concluded match. Truly, it would have been boring. Straight set wins for Roger? Come on! Where's all the fun? I wonder what happened to Andy. Was he taken a back from Roger's whooping backhand? Or maybe Andy was just given a taste of what it's like to be on top of the game? I think more stamina is required for Andy. I'm sure the pressure was all on him, with whole world watching and playing in a foreign ground, I bet it takes a lot of composure. Another year to work it out and he'll possibly make it.

Nevertheless, I'd still vouch for Rafa and Roger as the unbeatable duo in tennis courts. What's next?

September 08, 2008

US Open Finals

The US Open is yet another history in the making. My weekend was actually spent watching the men's single semi-finals. I watched patiently the match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic despite the crippling connection on live streaming. I was cheering for the Serbian camp yet Nole didn't manage to outplay the former No. 1 Swiss player. Bye bye for Nole sweetie, see you next year.

Meanwhile, on another window is the match between Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray. Yes, I watched both matches at the same time, talk about multi-viewing. Hehe well, it was indeed a very interesting match. Rafa and Andy held their viewers breath with their spectacular volley. If I may add, I find Andy a threat to Rafa's crown. He plays effortlessly and amazingly executes his strategy on court. He's got a promising future ahead of him.

Anyway, I didnt know that Murray won until this morning when the game resumed at 4pm EST. Hurray! He's a step higher to meeting legendary Roger Federer. I wish I could watch the game. Who do you think will bag the grand slam, will it be Swiss or English to win? We'll see.

September 06, 2008

Wide Screen

Argh! All along I thought wide-screen designed monitors are same with that of the standard-screen ones. I didn't notice anything until now while editing my blog page. I am going nuts thinking why on earth won't the photos fit in nicely. I am using wide-screen monitor right now, and when I looked at it in the standard screen, it fits perfectly fine. Geez!

Seafood Mania

And the winner is, Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice. This is a masterpiece for Chef John Currence from Mississippi. I chose his recipe because I liked the way he imagined how his customers would want their seafood dish to be cooked. If I were to dine, this recipe will be on top of my menu. It does not only satisfy the taste buds of diners but the genuine mixture of his choice of ingredients makes it more interesting.

The menu is a cook off and must-taste. The steps on preparing the meal are actually easy especially for those learning how to cook. I am a passionate cook myself. I always try to add something different on dishes to make it more authentic. In this recipe, if I were to prepare it, I would add a little sugar in the courtboullion to balance the taste of mixed tomato sauce and lemon. This would help widen the demographic palates from kids, teenagers, and adults. The reason for this is that not all palates would prefer the same flavor. Just like kids, they love anything that has a sweet taste. For teenagers, a twist of both sweet and sour would make such a matching blend. And for adults, the original mix of Chef John Currence would be perfect.

The main ingredient in making a successful and sumptuous seafood meal is making sure it is fresh. Hence, the consumption of domestic seafood is greatly valued. It will surely satisfy diners.

Ok, stop reading now. Visit the cook off or site and choose/vote for your favorite seafood recipe and get a chance to win a trip to New Orleans prize package. Hurry, don't be left out of the plate!

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood


My dear readers, I'd like to apologize for the sudden change in my site. I was harassed all night trying to re-do the site. Unluckily, the template I had been using died on me. And due to manually transferring data, I was unable to save some important links. I'll have to work on it. Again, sorry for the inconvenience :)

September 02, 2008

They're back!

OMG, all TV series crazy out there, join the fun. I just watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl and Prison Break, two of my top favorite shows. Click here for more.

September 01, 2008


Photobucket I'd like to greet everyone a Happy Baguio Day. Baguio City will always be the home I'd like to go back to. It was the place that nurtured me well. I will always remember it as the place I've grown. Since my christening in Baguio, I remember every summer of my childhood spent in the place. It will always be the simple yet blissful place I'd like to spend the older years of my life. Again, cheers to Baguio Day! The photo above is the famous Lion's Head, a welcome stone-carved symbol seen when arriving to Baguio City.

Photo Credit: