September 21, 2008

A Need of Digital Makeover

Check this out Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover, it is a site where you can find help line for Digital makeover on your happy moments photos and videos for any special events. I watched their sample episode entitled “Wedding Day Crunch”, where in Michael and his fiancĂ©e Monika wish to put together a multimedia show that chronicles their lives to be showed on their Reception. It is a dilemma for them with only two weeks to go before the big day.

With the help of Zozy and Chris, the couple was taught to make spices and design to their happy moment pictures. Roxio Creator was introduced to help them ease the task, with the application software you can provide slide transition to each picture, add comment text, background music and others. It is amazing right, no need to spend $100 plus for Studio Professional.

No need to think twice go to Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover website to experience the professional way of Digital life on your own. You even have an opportunity to feature on the show! Just enter the contest. You could even win some digital goodies like an HDTV, cameras and more.

Play sample video below for episode's video.