August 31, 2009

Rough and tough...

It had been a rough and tough week in the office. Work had suddenly become chaotic because of people leaving. Since this person got hired, work had turned sour to everyone. She must be a real jinx. Hay! And it is so unfortunate for me to be under her roof. If only I have to means to leave, I could have left too.

Another bunch of people is leaving next week. Eve is ending on Monday and another on Friday. Whoa, it is really manic! This is not a retrenchment but a poor management so to speak. In my personal opinion, I think the company's business strategy is weak. Their priorities are different which is why employees leave. I once watched a CEO talk about his priorities. He said that the top 3 would be 1) his employess, 2) customers) and 3) share-holders. Too bad our office chooses his employees the least. What can a customer and share-holders do without employees to run it? Sigh, I just feel bad that our office does not live up to its famous name.

Why don't I leave too? I'm not a hero for staying hehehe. I'm still under contract so it's tough for me to be torn in between. If I choose to leave before my contract ends, I'll be thrice my salary at a big loss. Though I am hoping for a change, it's never too late.

August 22, 2009


I've started to mark down in my W-checklist the things that were accomplished and we're almost done. Whew! I want to congratulate myself (mostly) and Archie for making it, without any major help from anyone. Praise God! This is what I liked the most, planning everything first hand with just the two of us. The freedom to choose what we want is bliss enough. I hope this remains.

Anyways, I got the major suppliers checked and done! Only a few more deals and we're ready. I'm excited to a new life yet to come...

August 15, 2009

Be Heard!

I have been constantly reading the newspaper since the recession announcement to make sure I get updates on the current economic conditions of the world and of course, Singapore.

As a foreign worker, I believe it is essential to know this information for security reasons and future endeavors. There had been write-ups saying that the economy is now on its road to recovery. How true is this? Are the Singapore banks safe and sound? Do we feel the security?

Let yourself be heard. A Euro RSCG Asia-Pacific Quarterly Financial Services Survey is being conducted to provide in depth “insights and analysis of consumer’s attitudes and perceptions” pertaining to brand and communication strategies.

How does it work? Euro RSCG came up with a research methodology to track and analyze brands. It is called Brand Momentum. What is this? It is a dynamic measure of a brand’s perceived progress relative to its competition. It also “monitors a brand’s total activity more than the traditional approach of tracking by discipline and campaign.”

What is the goal of the survey? It will provide the banking industry with the true views and opinions of consumers. It will inspire them to create products and services to our own advantage. In this survey, there will be “no personal details identified in the findings and responses will strictly be confidential as data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate.”

Singapore is known to be a busy and promising country, but a few minutes of your time to complete this survey will be greatly appreciated. The completed survey will be entered into a draw to win one of 60 movie vouchers that can be used in Singapore cinemas. So please take part as we value your input.


August 07, 2009

Future Thought

I am feeling so bored today staring blankly at my pc. True enough Friday is so much loved! But with nothing to do, makes the Friday slightly hated.

I am now a few months away from my EOL with DHL. Should I or should I not renew? That’s a big question yet to be answered. I know the economy is still recuperating from its major business losses. Still, I want to try my other options. I have always wanted to try my own field of profession. It’s been almost 7 years since I last practiced my true profession, full-time. And I miss it! I wish I’d be given the opportunity to work-with-passion, again. I miss the unexplainable smell of the printer ink, miss reading the over-sized broadsheet, and glossy mags, answering the crossword puzzles corner, checking who is in and out in sports and celebrity world.

I feel that my niche is still on this field. It's just too bad that it wasn’t a fulfilling job back home, not to many ordinary people like me.

I've been checking my options online on how to multi-task both in school and work. Given the chance, I'd really want to try next year if my schedule permits. We'll see...

August 02, 2009

W-Prep II

Hello August! It's a brand new month. I haven't been parking here for a while due to a lot of things that is happening both in my personal and work life. Work in the previous month had been very tough with the new manager around. But I finally get the hang of it. So I think I should be fine.

As to my personal life, I'm pretty much tied-up with the second phase of W-Preps. I've booked the invites and giveaways, finally! Although I haven't included the giveaways for our sponsors. I'm still working on closing the deal. I find that it's quite tough to handle everything especially I'm based abroad (the event will be back home in Phil) But why should I complain? I chose to be hands on to it, so I gotta do anyway. I think it is much better to know the ins and outs of the things I want, so I'll only have myself to blame in case I fail hehe.

Thanks to the checklist that I have, I am able to list the things that needs to be done and I'm so happy that I'm over 50% done. Kudos! By the time I go back in Oct, hopefully about 80% done. It's four months away and I can't hide the smile on my face. I'm happy. Although there are some bumps and humps along the journey, I still hope that we'll pull this through smoothly. I don't let any bad vibes dampen my happy thoughts. I'm just so happy...and I hope this mood remains constant as long as it can be.