May 30, 2010

Just random.

I cannot begin to tell how I have been for the last month. Since I started working again, I told myself to take it seriously as I could. And yes, it is what consumes most of my days in a week. I consider this chance at work the time to regain what I had lost back in DHL. I badly need to recover from all the inferiority. And I'm glad to be resurfacing. Thanks God for the chance , progressively.

And while I hooked myself to working seriously, our new home is terribly insane. Having to adjust to a group of new people is hell tough! Now we are searching for a better place again. Yeah, been hopping from one place to another lately huhu, it's a real pain! sigh...

In spite these mini-dramas I have, I'm happy to share that I am enjoying each day of it. My life right now (with Archie around) with no worries or debts to think about is far beyond comparison. I'm happy...I hope it stays still for a time.