March 30, 2009

Subjective thought

I would like to post here the article I had submitted online mid of last year. It was about "Dating an Only Child"

Dating an only child is a great challenge. Generally, when people hear “only child” it either means mama’s boy for guys or daddy’s girl for ladies. Sometimes we tend to label each person by these lines. I thought so myself. But in my own experience, I have proven that not all only child are brats or spoiled as what others usually call them.

I am dating an only child. I consider him an exception to all only children I have met. I salute the discipline that his parents had taught him. He is not brought up to have all the wants in life. He has good values and respect for everyone. We’ve been dating for five years now and I am proud to say that we rarely have fights. I’d say it comes with balancing the mood at the moment an argument would arise. Despite my nagging attitude at times, he would manage to transform my mood into a more positive outlook. I truly love the humility in him.

He is a rare find. Despite imperfections in this world, with the right balance in a relationship either with an only child or not, the upbringing of a person is all accounted for through parents.
Based on this article, I had comments coming in since early February of this year. I recognize and acknowledge their reasons. One comment from an online site even made a poll out of it like "would you date an only child" kind of survey. I wonder how the results went hehe. And for the other comments, bloggers from different online sites shared brief experiences they had while dating an only child. Some are successful and others were not.

I wrote the article without the intention of labeling only child with a bad definition. I just find it a tough situation for us. And it helps to know that there are people out there who share the same with me. I truly vouch for all the girlfriends out there who are able to make it through the end. I hope mine would be fulfilling, too.

March 05, 2009

Wholly molly!

OMG, is this true? The moment I got this email, I went online to search for it but found nothing. I think this is a sick joke. Poor Edward Cullen. I thought this might just be a publicity to re-ignite the flame as I believe this month is the start of filming the 2nd installment of the book. Darn, if this is true, his role as Edward Cullen would have died with him.

Although the article is quite dubious. No date and a slight grammatical error. I even thought that the writer may have allegedly copied that of Heath Ledger's headliner sometime early last year. Hmm, I don't have any proof to this but just a hunch. I bet the writer is bored when he/she wrote this.


March 01, 2009


It's almost time to recharge. A few more days and I'm about to take a short leave from work. Yey! I'm pretty excited yet I'm feeling a little sick right now due to the unpredictable weather changes urgh. I don't wanna spoil my vacation. So I'm pushing myself to feel ok. I wish I'll have more time to hang out in my blog to share everything that I've been up to. Guess I'll just have to save it for my next post.