February 09, 2007

Hi, I feel like ages since the last time I posted something here. I have been caught up in a lot of personal errands for the couple of months. And, I never really had a break for myself since I got back. When the hiatus Taiwan earthquake disrupted internet connection day after Christmas, I shoved off the papers and see what I can possibly do to get extra money for the lost hours I had at work. Luckily, I found one which up to now is helping me reach my goal.

You know what, this year welcomed me with one of the shocking gossip I have ever heard about me in my entire life. The source leaked a very unreliable information about me spreading rumor that I am pregnant. Yes, you read it right. And my, I was at the brink of anger when the news came to me. Apparently, I was really mad. But then eventually, when I calmed myself down I laughed my ass off. What on earth is that person thinking to spread such? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Gosh, I never thought I would be hell popular here haha and so I told my boyfriend that once and for all I wanna answer whatever hypothesis they have and set up a press conference. LOL one more thing that made me really think was, damn am I that fat already? Haha. Anyway, whatever these people are thinking I know the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Hehe. The good thing about being a victim of stuffs like this, I get the good karma. Now, I am one step up my job *winks*

So what is it about me lately? Hmm, if I am not working, the only thing that really keeps me out of stress is of course watching TiVo series. I am such a junkie. And Prison Break is on my hotlist right now (daydreams Michael Scofield) I am so hooked that I think I have influenced everyone here at home to join my madness hehe or maybe they just don’t have a choice.

Anyway, my mind is all mixed up right now. But I just wanna let you know that I am still doing pretty good and able to manage everything despite some shortcomings. But! Just to make it perfectly clear, I aint pregnant. hihi

This is going to be a tough year for me. I am not used to counting my age but knowing it is 2007, whew the big 30 is three years away. So I am preparing myself for the future. I know for certain that He is always there to guide me.

This is it for now. What about you, how have you been?