August 21, 2010

Just random.

I've completely neglected my virtual job :( ... I could no longer commit time to do my blog write-ups sigh. Work really eats up everything in my brain most of the time with no strength to do other things.

At work, they say August is a very busy month for their business. Truly indeed! Gosh, this passed week was like a roller coaster ride in full swing. If I remember right, I only get to be away from my workstation when I go to the lieu. It's madness! But there's a good side of it. The company buy our lunches for 3 days. Isn't that cool? I get to save haha. I've saved prolly about $20 :) And for that, there's a week and a half more to battle the busy August. May the force be with me!

Next month, I'm turning 30. Ouch! haha. There are so many things me and my hubby have planned to make our lives worth living for. And one to mention is that at 30, we've pledged to stop eating chicken skin (oh dear) haha!

August 15, 2010

The Rebel

So everyone is going gaga over this new trendy slippers called "Fitflop". I was curious to find out how it works and why majority of the people I meet on the busy streets of Singapore wears it. I did some research and looks like this is a "gym-built" on its own so they say. Oh well, I just bought myself a pair which I never thought would be that expensive for a pair of slippers. Urgh, it's the most expensive slipper I have ever bought so far hahaha! It hurt my pocket at $139.00

Hmm, I'll give it a test run this coming weekend and see if it really works magic on my feet. Here's a pic of the Rebel.


August 07, 2010

Hands are tied.

My hands get tied every time I plan to park here. Urgh! But lucky, I got some time today hehehe. It's been over 2months of no update. Felt like ages.

My previous entry was all about work and hopping places from one place to another.

Now, my work has been in a steady pace. I got confirmed last June and just yesterday, I got my first "Shooting Star" award. It's an award given by management to employees who go above and beyond. Wee! Way to motivate myself more. And yes, I really wanna make my day at work count while I have the chance. Besides, we're not getting any younger. I'm at my happiest state :) Thank You, Lord so much!

As for our new home, we got lucky to find a very quiet place which suits our preference. We can really relax. So yeah, every thing is O-K.

Oh and just to share, last month my niece Jo and her bf Wence came to SG for a visit. We went to Bintan, Indonesia for 3 days and 2 nights of fun and relaxation. It was an awesome experience! I am so looking forward to our next trip.