April 09, 2011



Thanks to those who dropped a comment here. Didn't realize you'd come around. It gave me the drive to visit often again hehe.

First quarter of 2011 had gone fast. It felt like only yesterday I was a novice at work. But here I am, standing still on a ladder, higher from one year ago. I am so grateful how things are turning out for me. I'll give it my best shot and see how it goes.

Photo from work on our last gathering hehe

Three more weeks before my summer vacation with Archie. Despite how busy we are at work, this short and sweet getaways are the most precious time for us to bond. Can't wait! Oh and yeah, I'm trying to lose some weight to be ready to bask in the sun hehe. Singapore has no summer time but having been used to summer beach vacations back home, tradition never dies. I will definitely post pics after.