December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays! Wow, it seems that time is really getting away from me as quickly as it can. Last year, I spent Christmas and New Year in Manila with just my mom, sister and niece. It was not as fun-filled as my holidays today. I have my brother and his family who came to celebrate Christmas with us. It was great! And my, I really get to splurge on a lot of strawberries, free strawberries fresh from the garden. Yum yum! And I am grateful that I see my mom happy here. I could not compare how glad she is that we are finally back. Except that we miss some of the Manila easy-life thingy such as having everything delivered. Here, we have to manually carry water refills and LPG gas. Yeah, real pain. Sigh, we are getting used to that setup. Eventually, we will master it! haha

However, not all Christmas is merry I guess. My high school friend’s boyfriend died last week. He died of cancer where symptoms came late. It is an awful thing to celebrate the holidays. And what sucks more is that they had plans of getting married this January. It really saddened me to know those details. He was a good person, no vices, just plain good. Then she started to advise me of things I should be mindful of. It gets me into thinking. It scares me to make plans. I know everything is in His hands but then again, I cannot be confident to assure things would fall accordingly. And so I pray each time that He would always lead us to the path He wants us to, together I hope.

Ok, on the other hand, I kept myself busy watching a lot of movies during my off. By the way, it is my first time in 3 years to spend Christmas without work. Wohoo! Cheers! Hehe. Advisory: These are just opinions I have about the movies. Here are the lists:

Step Up: I am a fanatic when it comes to dancing. This is a super fun movie for me. Plus, the lead actor looks like my cutie nephew. Hihi. I loved their dance moves and the music. Reminds me of my high school days J

Happy Feet: The people behind this movie must be on his/her gravest hallucination to come up with such a penguin world. LOL. But then it was cute.

You, Me and Dupree: Funny flick. I can never imagine a married life living with a crazy person. haha!

John Tucker Must Die: A movie about girls who would like to get even to a guy who just dumped them. It is a very Western-ish movie.

World Trade Center: I expected too much on this movie. I think the news on TiVo is far more concrete than the information depicted on this. Yeah, it is tragic but I remember John McLaughlin (starred by Nicolas Cage) is not actually a white but a black man. So how can it be credible when the people behind this movie based the information from McLaughlin and Jimena? These are the two people, 2 out of 20 survivors from the 2749 deaths L The movie was made when the real John McLaughlin appeared 2 years after the tragedy. So where did they get the information? How did they create an identity that is wrong? I mean not wrong per se but you know, it will get you curious. They should have gathered more than rush. Hmm, it really gets me into thinking.
Till next post, happy holidays everyone!