August 19, 2006

Wohooo! I am so happy that one of my closest friends just got hitched. It was lovely! It was simple yet full of smiles and gratitude to everyone who have witnessed their unity. To you my friend, you have a new journey coming right up ahead of you. Stay happy and go ye, multiply! Hahaha Right after the buffet, Pims and I spent the rest of the afternoon out, unplanned yet fun. I felt freed for the first time. (hahaha) I havent been such an outgoing person when I relocated here in manila. Anyway, I had fun that day. Thanks Pims for that dvd shopping! See you there next pay day! My, was so happy. This is what I get when people hurt me, I get the good karma.

August 16, 2006

Sometimes I want to hate myself for being so honest. Why cant I simple shut myself up so I wont hurt others feelings? My honesty is often misunderstood. I cant control my being so transparent in my emotions. I tell people if I am happy. I cry to them when I am sad. I speak to them when I am disappointed. Argh, is this such a bad attitude? Is being honest not a good thing after all? It is so ironic that I wanna be true and yet others would still look at me bad. Well, this is so-called-life.

August 12, 2006

Wow, I didnt notice the time. One more month and a few days I will be turning 26, another crazy year to battle survival. As I sit and think what made this year a difference to the years that had passed, uhm I gained weight for starters (hahaha) I have been into a lot of self-tests in the previous months. Personal struggles that made me stronger and good karma in a way that had enhanced my being professional (if that is how you may call me working diligently, naks) Every sadness and happiness, I learn something from it. I grow and get to redirect my thinking the better way I could.


It feels good to touch other peoples lives. But often times no matter how unintentional we are with our reactions, there are still glitches. I have been into one of this instance. A part of me is regretful of what happened but another part of me holds it back. I know I am sorry for what happened. I feel for her son but I dont feel sorry for her. I have this guilty feeling for days now of how I may have wrongly treated her. And I kept on reassessing myself what could have gone wrong. I know it wasnt my fault. It isnt hers, too. It was just that, it all happened at a wrong time. I hope that she would realize what she had done. I am frank myself but know how to ask sorry if I know am wrong. I just cant figure out why she has to act so weird. Makes me think she is the special one. Hehehe. Anyway, I hope to get this over and done.


I am so happy to take my off today. Yeah, I have been working my ass off for a month and it felt good. After the lost months, I am just beginning to recuperate. Aim for more. Hehehe. Go Go Go! Hahaha. Ciao!