September 26, 2009

Mackee was born on my bday...

After my incessant debate with Archie on buying laptop, here it is! Right on my birthday, we got our baby Mackee. It was indeed memorable to celebrate hehe. Memorable in the sense that, it's my last single birthday and I got our Mackee.

Photobucket Photobucket

But the horrible part of that same day...back home in the Philippines, typhoon Ondoy tremendously put the lives of my countrymen in misery and deep danger. It was saddening to watch the news with so many lives taken :( Mother Nature took it's toll. And for that, I wanna extend my sympathy to all the families that had been affected even in the smallest way I can. Let's all pray for a speedy recovery of the Philippines.

September 13, 2009

Laptop Market

We've been contemplating for sometime if it is time to buy a new laptop. Actually, we planned to buy a new one on December but because our baby died on us 3 months earlier, we gotta do something. All of our wedding suppliers are contacted online so we really need to get in touch with them. The problem is, we don't have the luxury to pay for one now due to other financial priorities. This matter is something that needs to be discussed seriously ... I'll update you soon.

September 11, 2009

Love Fridays

I just love Fridays! Still no laptop huhu...

September 10, 2009

Virtual World doomed

It was like doomsday when our laptop hdd crashed last Sunday. Archie tried to revive but alas, it was really gone. Gone without backing up our files huhuhu. And it's very difficult to be updated on the in's and out's of the limelight without it. I felt crippled...sigh!

September 07, 2009

A month away...

It's a month away from my trip back home. Finally, after the long wait and planning, I'll see our wedding suppliers to discuss in details the things that needs to be done. See you guys soon...

September 06, 2009

Customer Service in Singapore

Of all the ad blogs I have written, I guess this is the most interesting topic to blog about. I have only been here in Singapore for 1yr and 11months. But I must say, in that short span of time, I've my fair share of good and bad customer service experience.

I'd like to share my customer service experience with a jewelry shop. Late last year, me and my fiance were looking for a perfect wedding band. We've been to different jewelry stores from east to west. There were a lot of great finds but I didn't like how I was served. As a customer, I'd seen staffs who are very pushy. And this attitude can boo away customers, I didn't like personally.

Luckily, we stepped in to CITIGEMS. Their staff, Diana, is very passionate with her job. She is empathic to her customers. I was very pleased on how I was served. I've never seen such an excellent customer service. She gives her most honest suggestions beneficial to customer and not for profit cause only. She is one exception of showing fair customer service both to local and foreign customers. She knows how to blend with the needs of her customers and not insistent. She makes sure her customers are happy-customers when they leave the store. I was completely satisfied.

I've shared this topic because of a group of people called "squad members" from Service Squad. This is an online site initiated by various agencies to be the platform for everyone to raise their opinions and experiences of good or bad customer service in Singapore.

The service squad is launching a campaign Are You Being Served to raise awareness and to bring the customer service of Singapore to a higher level.

We encourage your participation by joining this vision and mission. Please login at Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story because we value your input.


Excitement overload

I'm having so much difficulty choosing THE one. I keep changing the style I want and I'm getting so frustrated. Initially, I wanted a ball gown. But then I thought, it would be too difficult to keep in the closet after because it will surely eat up a lot of space. Yet with ball gown, I want the "drama" in it haha, feeling like a princess. Geez, maybe this is just excitement overload.

September 05, 2009

Kids are in or not?

Saturdays are mostly quiet in the office. Most of the stations are empty, lights are off and only keyboards are heard with a few heads working (or pretend to be working) hehehe.
I was browsing and asked Susanna her opinion on the shoes that I want to buy for my big day when we started to chat about weddings, then kids. She told me that she doesn't want to get married nor have kids. I was so intrigued to know the reason. She said that she gets irritated by the sound of babies crying haha. She thinks she would fail as a parent and doesn't want her kid to cuss on her later on haha. Naiyana joined our conversation and agreed that she doesn't want to have kids as well. Whoa, what is wrong with these girls? hihi. I told them that despite the crying babies, the joy of having kids is actually beyond any earthly explanation. Instead, they insisted that they are not ready to commit their lives to their kids. Hmm, very typical perspective from a workaholic point of view I guess. The funny thing is, I told them that maybe it is easy for them to say now that they don't want to have kids because they aren't old yet. But when time comes, they will eventually need someone to take care of them. Guess what's their answer? If they grow old and in the home care, they'll have no chance to slap their children hahaha. Goodness! Now it explains why most women here are still single even in their 30s. That's life!

September 02, 2009

Work is Nuts!

In relation to my previous post, work is constantly becoming a challenge. This is because of a person who made everyone's life miserable. She's like a virus that needs to be contained.

My professionalism had been tried and tested so many times since I joined this company. It started from a tedious 3-hour job interview, adjustment to colleagues when I got hired, change of departments and managers, and the list goes on.

To put it in focus, I felt devastated a week ago when I learned that my leave was not approved. I know from a manager's perspective that if operations fail, leaves are subject to approval. But in my case, the leave was planned even before I was moved to this department end of 2008, even before the managers had changed. It had long been fixated. It was really nuts! Of all my leaves, this is the leave that I cannot afford not to happen. I felt bad, she thinks it's easy because she's not in my shoes. In fact, I expected her to give me support knowing that she had been married too. She should know the importance. But she gave me the answer I never saw coming. Anyways, I didn't stop. Instead I prayed very hard that she'll have a change of heart and let me take the leave. I really fought for it til I got approved hehe.