June 25, 2006

I cried myself to sleep the other day for reasons I cannot tell you. Crying had been my outlet every time I feel down. And I prayed to Him to guide me. In my sleep I dreamt of a young white/beige horse playing cheerfully with me in a garden. I am not so much into astrology but just a brief interpretation on my dream, here is what I have found:

Horse: To dream about horses generally is associated with big earnings and will enjoy prosperous and happy life.

Young: Vigor. Freshness. Need for experience and understanding.

White: People feel they can rely on you. You have an abundance of energy and vitality.
Beige: Everything related with this color denotes neutrality and detachment. There is absence of communication.

Garden: Big happiness. Inner self .Suitable time to pursue love affairs.

Ref: http://www.petrix.com/dreams/index.html

There you have it. It seems that the reason for my crying is miscommunication. Other than that, everything looks pretty well the same as what is happening. Well, I have to think positively for this.
Rest day is the next big thing for now! hehehe

June 23, 2006

MI - 3 :This movie to be honest with you is not something that I would like to see over and over again. It is all about the stunts of Tom Cruise. But anyhow, good enough to see it in a big screen especially on a digital surround. Hehehe

XMEN 3:Sigh, another wasted project. I expected so much about this movie. I have waited for 3 years since the showing of sequel 2 but unfortunately, my expectations failed. From beginning to end I didn’t like how it was created. If only I could create my own story out of it. Really, it is not how I imagined it to happen. Tsk, I wish it was not yet the last stand. Jean Gray coming back as the Phoenix became the villain. She killed Cyclops and Professor X on the very first part of the movie. Mystique had been out, too. She was healed by the medicine created by Archangel’s father. I didn’t even feel Archangel’s presence. Tsk, favorite movie gone bad.

The DA VINCI CODE:What can I say? It was like reading the illustrated version of the book. Funny how people or should I say the church reacted about this. I mean, I myself am a worshipper of God. But having seen this movie wouldn’t change what you have grown to believe in just a snap. May it be true or not, it will make you think how incredible for Dan Brown to have thought or imagined such an idea. Watching this movie doesn’t mean betrayal. This is just my point of view. You are entitled to your own. Apparently, it may cause a great impact or shock you but then again, you would still think, nah just a fiction. Prima, watch it! LOL

THE LAKE HOUSE:I have always loved seeing Sandra and Keanu together. But this time, I didn’t feel what everybody felt while watching the movie. It was an adaptation but the plot wasn’t that romantic for me. I find My Sassy Girl far more romantic than this. I did not feel the connection of the characters in their exchange of letters. It was not enough to make their audience swoon.

Oh well, till next post. Ciao!

June 14, 2006

It has been June and I havent posted anything. Honestly, so much have been up to me right now. There have been changes, pains, happiness and what not. I feel swamped. I am flooded with a lot of arguments in my life, questions of how to handle tough situations in the nick of time. I didnt want to lay this information (in details) to you guys because I dont want circus. (naks, drama mode)

Sometimes I envy others like my age that can freely do what they want without minding other people. They can selfishly spend what they earn for things they want. I feel so ancient. At times when problems pour, I feel like I am too old to even live through it. I am not complaining but there are moments when I wish I could enjoy solitude. Of course, I sure know that it is bad to resent. But I feel like I have forgotten myself. What I have been doing is see how others, if they are ok, or if they need something. When would I feel taken care of? When would I feel like I am treated more than I treat them? Well I guess, this is how it is like to be a bread winner. I support my mom, is that enough explanation? Hehehe.

I realized that I am also weak in some areas where people think I am capable of fighting. There are instances when I feel like I wanna quit or turn my back on things. But no matter how much I try to deny it to myself, the truth will always be true. What I am sharing here may be fuzzy to you but heck I am throttled. I need to have some outlet for it. I get tired. And I feel like I have the world on my shoulders. Can somebody carry it for me, please? :(