May 24, 2006

Happy 3 joyous and rough years together!
May 23, 2006

May 19, 2006

After the violent post I had a few weeks ago, it felt like a lot had happened. Cleaning the entire place was my way of getting rid of whatever bad vibes left of the people I did not mean to harm nor had shown bitterness. I still felt sorry if they felt aggravated for being voted out of the house. All I ever wanted is peace and harmony. But no matter how sensitive and compassionate I am for others feelings, I still get the worse responses. I was badly provoked by acts of disrespect. So the doomsday had come, and you just have to say bye-bye. Well, it feels good to finally be home. We finally did some touches in the house and made it feel like a real home.

Anyway, God really provides. I could not be happier than learning that I was given a full time hours at work. It felt really good that I can finally start anew. So many things in mind undone.

My bad, I still wanna share more but I am really so darn sleepy.

May 09, 2006