November 28, 2004

One FiNe DAy

first, i had lunch with my boyfriend at Kenny's earlier today.went walkin along Shangrila on my way to work.know what's bad, when i reached office, gee...i got really exhausted tryin to get the dance steps on "I'm really Hot" video of Missy Elliot.yeah, it's for the upcoming xmas party.everythin is doin pretty fine though.ivy came to talk about just hopin that we'll make it.i mean, win the grand prize.hehehe
hmmm,work is minimal since it is still a weekend so i bet y'all wouldn't even think of callin up a company.still enjoyin the long wkend vacation that i was deprived of.
anyway, i got 1.5hrs left to go before headin home.oh, my bf is gonna pick me up so we're gonna have dinner first.
alrightee, i think i have nothin else more to say.this is just one fine day...

November 26, 2004

-OuT oF WoRk-

hi,im taking my 2 days off from work though it's not enough to recuperate stress.anyway,i just dropped by to leave a note.i got up around 11:00 am.i went with my cousin to eat our lunch and was hoping i'd see the choreographer guy.we're gonna have a huge company xmas party at PICC on the's a carnivale party and part of it is the hiphop dance competition.that is where the choreographer guy comes in.
it is in 2weeks so we gotta give our best shot to win the grand prize.Rona, my Brit friend is getting pretty excited about it.i hope she wont mistake it as a cheering competition. if not, we're doomed. hahaha, hi Rona!!!!
ok, until next time. cheers!

November 25, 2004

After work

hey,i didnt have much work today since the other side of our world is having a festivity.its thanksgiving.i bet they are celebrating it with a huge roasted turkey for the whole family.yum yum!its my off tom and i'll surely be back on sunday.i had starbucks with Rona at was just so irritating that we had to walk at broad daylight going to office.i felt like roasting myself up.sigh...
before going to work, i was watchin this tv advertisement.its a height enhancer.could it be true?the ad showed some scientific process which looks convincing.hehehe.on 2nd thoughts,maybe they were just tryin to sell out their product out of profit.i hope im wrong,cause if it were true,im gonna get one.hehehe

November 24, 2004

Somethin to say for starters...

Hi, this is my first time to use this site. well, most of my colleagues have their own blogspot and i cant beat 'em out of it so i decided to create one kinda "old-fashioned" not to even know about it til one afternoon, i couldnt hear any other topic but their own blogspot or maybe browsing Chona's and have a good laugh.
just a li'l backgrounder, im a graduate of Baguio Colleges Foundation.yes, its from up north.i took up mass communication but i never really practiced it since the remuneration wasnt so overwhelming for me though i had been to the media world just for quite im in to another career which is holdin me pretty still.anyway, please do visit my blogspot and write as many as you may know me better than i think i knew me...