September 26, 2006

Thank you for letting me wake up another day full of hope that life will turn out fine just like a new leaf that buds out of a stem. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a life with contentment. I woke up today and prayed to you to give me another year of good health and good luck, to mold me to become a better person where I can be of help to other people around me, the people that I love. I am not here if not for your own purpose. I am here for the mission you have tasked me to do. Thank you for extending another year of my life in this world. To you up there, I love you.

Sometimes, I think that the oldest person alive is lucky to have spent long years witnessing every happiness, sadness, and catastrophic events on earth. If this person has descendants with long lives, they should start planting carbon under a mango tree or just plant carbon and after hundreds of years, that will turn into diamonds. Isnt that worth the waiting? Hehehe

Text messages the whole day had left me so overwhelmed that my family despite the distance, managed to remember a time to greet me. The funny thing I got was from one of my nieces. She asked me how old I was and when I told her, she was surprised that I am still single. Hahaha, makes me think I am that old. Tsk. I used to dream that by the time I reach 25, it is ideal to get married. Now, I am a year passed that and I still am not married. Hahaha, should I worry? Nah, I am happily attached. Just not the time yet, I guess. Besides, it will surely take time.

Inspirational Wishes:
Good health
Good luck
Happy family
Keeping my feet on the ground
Just the right amount of wealth

Material Wishes:
Portable DVD
Cooking equipment
Additional power puff collectibles
Estee Lauder Pleasures
NB running shoes
and the list goes on and on :)