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April 09, 2011



Thanks to those who dropped a comment here. Didn't realize you'd come around. It gave me the drive to visit often again hehe.

First quarter of 2011 had gone fast. It felt like only yesterday I was a novice at work. But here I am, standing still on a ladder, higher from one year ago. I am so grateful how things are turning out for me. I'll give it my best shot and see how it goes.

Photo from work on our last gathering hehe

Three more weeks before my summer vacation with Archie. Despite how busy we are at work, this short and sweet getaways are the most precious time for us to bond. Can't wait! Oh and yeah, I'm trying to lose some weight to be ready to bask in the sun hehe. Singapore has no summer time but having been used to summer beach vacations back home, tradition never dies. I will definitely post pics after.

March 28, 2011

My 2010.


I skipped work today to rest my aching foot. So I decided to visit my virtual site. Wow, that has been over 3 months of no update. The turn of events in my life had kept me away from here.

Geez, my last post was back in November. Wadda-eff right? Didn't even had the chance to share how my 2010 ended. Well, it's never too late, is it? I gotta say, I had just the right amount of ups and downs last year.
  • January: My status changed to married. Hence, I conquered my mission to somehow "win" the hearts of my in-laws. It was unexpectedly one of the memorable times in my life
  • February: Bound to Singapore to try my luck again since Archie is here. First trial of the year, was held in the SG Immigration for some interrogation. Yes, was asked questions but I did not worry a single bit. Why? Cause I fed them with the information rather than them searching for answers in their system. Told them it's "not my first entry to Singapore" and that "I worked previously under a different name". But since "I am now married, am using my husband's surname. Here's a copy of my husband's details. I also have the authenticated copy of our marriage certificate..." Then the Immigration Officer finally convinced that I am not here to do any thing but visit my husband. There goes the exit door and saw my hubby from afar. Whew!
  • March: Only went to two interviews. One was in Hitachi and the other was InterCall. Two different job scopes. First was logistics whilst the latter was conferencing. I prayed and asked God for his blessing. Either of the two will be fine. First luck of the year, I got the offer from InterCall. To double that luck, Hitachi also called to tell I was hired. But too late, I just signed with the InterCall just minutes earlier. Oh well, gotta let go the other. But yeah, thanks God!
  • April: Archie requested that we move to another place closer to where he works. We were then living in the East whilst his work is at the West. Yep, it was quite a sacrifice for him. He bare the travel for me when I used to work for DHL. But since I got a new one, I had to grant his request.
  • May: We found a place. It was in a condominium. Second trial of the year, our agent was a fake! We found days before we moved that owner didn't want to renew the lease so we only had 4 days to stay in that place and then moved to the next bldg. Mind you, it was our first time to move from the place we lived for nearly 3 years. This kind of mess was not an easy thing for us. And so we moved to the next bldg. Two weeks later, agents and prospective clients come and go viewing the place. WTH! It was chaotic! After that we were again moved to another condominium this time. And we were allowed to stay for a month only. It was up to us if we were willing to continue. The flat was huge with 4 rooms, etc. The rent was a whooping $4,500. N-O! @_@
  • June: Found a nice place. It was in Dover inside the Singapore Poly compound. We liked it so we stayed.
  • July: Jo and Wence came to visit. It was one of the highlights of the year for me. Got to visit Indonesia. We basked in the sun, and just had a real good time. Short and sweet month :)

  • August: I had the rarest conversation with my kumare Rona about investments. Since I chat with her a lot how I love to travel, she referred me to her agent about an investment that will be put to use in the future. I was engrossed with the idea that I liked it at an instance. Talked to Archie and we both liked it.
  • September: So I went to Manila for a short-secret trip to sign that investment. Boom! I have something I call my own...our own.
  • October: Archie's cousin, Kuya Vernz was hospitalized and was going critical. Tough but he managed, thanks God.
  • November: Mom-in-law was brought to ICU. Abnormal heartbeat. Sad, but she managed. Another work of God, thank you. The Pinay owner of the flat we were staying at said that we only have until Feb 1st of this year (2011) to stay. It didn't come as a surprise cause we were actually planning to move out. She just happened to spoke first.
  • December: Started to look for flats to rent. Viewed here and there until we found the perfect place. Lakeside it is! But before we even moved, we took a break first from all the stress. We went to Krabi, Thailand to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Straight from Thailand, we we eventually moved and welcomed the new year in our new-found home.
So that was my ups and downs of 2010 in a nutshell. Looking forward to having a better 2011 ahead!

November 17, 2010

Dream B-I-G

BIG as defined is "large, above average in size" ... this is how I dream. I've always had grand dreams. I mean who wouldn't right? But it's tough to choose which dream is the right one to accomplish. I sigh most of the time when I start to re-assess myself and see if I am anywhere close to my dream. What are my dreams anyway? Well, I'm sure we all have same aspirations.

  1. To have my dream house
  2. Drive my own car
  3. Manage my own business
  4. Travel the world
And most of all, I'm able to share these dreams with my family. It's easy to write and even talk about it. But to achieve it takes a whole lifetime :( One has gotta work really hard for these. Whew!

Let's work it! :D

November 15, 2010

Day 5.

Twitter, need I say more? ^_^


November 14, 2010

Day 4.

I dream that someday I'd be able to do this! hahaha :P


November 13, 2010

Day 3.

Hubby cooked this tiger prawns in lime and tomato soup!

November 12, 2010

Day 2.

Something to quench your thirst on a very busy work-day!

November 11, 2010


I am guilty as charged for not posting so much in this site. Blame that to twitter! haha. Anyways, I was inspired by my colleague to take photos each day for a year. At first I thought it was a crazy idea. But later I figured, maybe I should give it a try myself. Atleast I've got something to de-stress. Well, I just did. Here is my first photo for my Project 11.11.11 - I hope in God's help that I live up to it until it's very last day!

A post it by my colleague on the day I felt like life sucked the whole of me!

October 09, 2010

Social network is the culprit.

I don't know what happened to me that I have neglected the things I love to do. One of which is hangin' out here.

FB is the culprit! Since I joined the cult, I've rarely visited my site. No more blog ads. No more time to do other things. The books I've bought to read had piled up. This is crazy and it better stop! I feel that time is so short to just be glued in FB. I don't play games but just read my friends' status.

And then came twitter! haha...I can't say much of it because I kinda like it more than FB now. I get to read lotsa stuffs. I just like it :)

Anyways, glad to write a little non-sense here again haha! Wish I get to spend more time soon. Hubby and I will go to west coast park this afternoon for a bike ride wee! Excited to burn :)

September 04, 2010

About to hit.

In 23 days, I'll be turning 30. Time flies unnoticed. Way back, I used to tell myself that when I hit 30, I'll be raising my kids and doing the mother-wife duties. Oh well, guess it didn't work as planned.

Here I am, married but no kids yet. Sometimes it annoys me to answer people who keeps asking if there's baby on the way. The world will know if I have because there is no reason to hide a good news right? Although I want to have, there are factors I need to consider. It's tough but I to be patient and wait...for the right time. I know God will bless me right when I need it.

August 21, 2010

Just random.

I've completely neglected my virtual job :( ... I could no longer commit time to do my blog write-ups sigh. Work really eats up everything in my brain most of the time with no strength to do other things.

At work, they say August is a very busy month for their business. Truly indeed! Gosh, this passed week was like a roller coaster ride in full swing. If I remember right, I only get to be away from my workstation when I go to the lieu. It's madness! But there's a good side of it. The company buy our lunches for 3 days. Isn't that cool? I get to save haha. I've saved prolly about $20 :) And for that, there's a week and a half more to battle the busy August. May the force be with me!

Next month, I'm turning 30. Ouch! haha. There are so many things me and my hubby have planned to make our lives worth living for. And one to mention is that at 30, we've pledged to stop eating chicken skin (oh dear) haha!

August 15, 2010

The Rebel

So everyone is going gaga over this new trendy slippers called "Fitflop". I was curious to find out how it works and why majority of the people I meet on the busy streets of Singapore wears it. I did some research and looks like this is a "gym-built" on its own so they say. Oh well, I just bought myself a pair which I never thought would be that expensive for a pair of slippers. Urgh, it's the most expensive slipper I have ever bought so far hahaha! It hurt my pocket at $139.00

Hmm, I'll give it a test run this coming weekend and see if it really works magic on my feet. Here's a pic of the Rebel.