November 17, 2010

Dream B-I-G

BIG as defined is "large, above average in size" ... this is how I dream. I've always had grand dreams. I mean who wouldn't right? But it's tough to choose which dream is the right one to accomplish. I sigh most of the time when I start to re-assess myself and see if I am anywhere close to my dream. What are my dreams anyway? Well, I'm sure we all have same aspirations.

  1. To have my dream house
  2. Drive my own car
  3. Manage my own business
  4. Travel the world
And most of all, I'm able to share these dreams with my family. It's easy to write and even talk about it. But to achieve it takes a whole lifetime :( One has gotta work really hard for these. Whew!

Let's work it! :D