June 28, 2008


It's movie review time! hehe. I haven't done this for a long time. The photos I have above are the only few of so many I had watched during my lazy weekends. Please follow through clockwise.

Forbidden Kingdom: It was like a dream come true for me to see Jet Li and Jackie Chan in a movie. I can not miss it! I love this two. No questions asked. I am a certified martial arts movie junkie. The story was good and the stunts were uniquely executed. Thumbs up to these great actors. I hope to see them both again in another movie.
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Iron Man: Weee! Robert Downey, Jr. hasn't lost his charm. He is still very charismatic despite the action-packed movie. Robert and Gwyneth has a good screen chemistry. The unique thing about this movie was that the characters maintained to put spice til the end. I was hoping they would kiss like most superhero movies do but I was wrong. It was a new twist this time. I am looking forward to its sequel. Overall, the movie is definitely a must-see!
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The Bucket List: Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are both great actors. The movie was funny yet touching. It was a story of two men diagnosed with cancer admitted in the same hospital room. Jack is a filthy rich hospital owner while Morgan is a mechanic and dedicated husband. The two were on their chemo sessions when Jack read Morgan's bucket list, a list of what Morgan would like to do before he dies. Jack found the idea fascinating. Thus, both men explored the world whilst they can. It was a great movie. I laughed and cried with their adventures. I have my own bucket list should I happen to know when my time comes. I'll give you details in my next post. Moving on, this is another must-see movie!
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Sex and the City: OMG, this movie was fabulous! I loved it! I loved the story. I got so carried away by the scene where Big stood up Carrie in the church. I was trembling in anger while watching and didn't realize my tears were falling. It was very intense. It's a must-see for girls. Ok, my ratings looks biased. hehe, but seriously it is good. All of these movies are good. It's worth it.
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What Happens in Vegas: The movie was quite messy and loud. The reason I watched it is because of Cameron Diaz. There was no screen chemistry. Ashton may be good looking but I just don't like his acting. There's just something missing in it. This movie is not so much of a catch for me.
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Wanted: I wasn't "wowed" by this movie. I think the movie was more of a short story. There was no much conflicts. Angelina's stunts of course were superb. But the story was not as exciting as I had expected. Catch it if you wanna see Angelina's sexy body.
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Kung Fu Panda: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, whilst today is a gift that is why it is called Present." I loved this line. It was inspiring. I admire people behind animation films. I salute them for imagining beyond and put it in film. I have always been fascinated with watching animation. Funny, unique and adventurous movie. Popcorn and soda is a perfect match for this movie!
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June 22, 2008

Photobucket June 21. I was completely oblivious of the date yesterday. I got caught up with my errands when I realized that it was yesterday, one year ago, when I lost the greatest person in my life.

I am now a year-old orphan. I think the thought of forgetting it yesterday wasn't so bad after all. I guess it just meant that I have moved on. Though I know in my heart that I will never ever forget my mom.

She still inspires me everyday. I am reminded of her each time I feel so weary about life. There are moments when I feel like giving up. I feel as if life has no more purpose especially without the people we love.

I remember the priest's sermon yesterday was about fear of death. I think many of us fear death. But for an orphan like me, I'm not afraid to die. Since I lost my parents, there are times when I feel like waiting for my death because I can't wait to see them again. When I lost mama, I always count each day, calculate each year hoping when I'd see her again. Sometimes I wonder, will they (mama and papa) ever recognize me when my time comes? I always detest what the elders traditionally say that when people die, they will "no longer see their families after life as their own but will all be brothers and sisters in the eyes of God." No, I want to see them the way they did while they were on earth. I know it is crazy but the attachment I had with my parents especially with my mom is incomparable. No money can buy the bond I had with her. She was my best friend and teacher.

Despite my great loss, I know that they are always there to guard me spiritually. Death has not separated me from everything they had taught me. What I have become is what they would have wanted me to be.

In memory of my beloved mama, I love you so much and miss you in a heartbeat!

June 18, 2008

Tongue-twisted. Yes, it is what I get everyday for using three different languages. I speak English to my colleagues and clients at work, Filipino when I'm with friends back home, and Ilocano with my family back in the Philippines. I often have the words jumbled and the enunciation mixed up. Sometimes, I find it difficult to speak everything perfectly. And you know what's worse? Back in the Philippines I was trained with American accent. I have dealt with this type of clients for almost 5 years and eventually acquired it. Unfortunately, when I moved to Singapore, I have to twist my tongue for Aussies and Kiwis because they have a totally different accent. And for 6 months, I am still in the process of "twisting" my tongue for them. hehe It's quite a challenge to be caught in the middle of two different accents. Let me share some distinctions to you:

Word ExampleAmerican Australian
PrinterPrinner (silent letter "T") Printa' (silent letter "R")
CottonCott'n (short letter "T") Cotton (as is)
GettingGedding ("T" changed to "D" sound)Getting (as is)

See the picture? I am more used to the American accent, sometimes I wonder if I am still saying the words correctly. I think the American influence had greatly impacted us Filipinos. Majority of our culture and traditions are quite similar with them. So I guess that explains a little about my familiarity with it. But If I were to compare accents with my local friends here in Singapore, their foreign influence is more of the British as they were once colonized.

The good thing about this is that we get to learn new stuffs. We get to flex and blend to a new culture that is beneficial to us somehow. So, are you ready to get tongue-twisted?

June 17, 2008

Photobucket Do you recognize this face? You should! This is a billion dollar face. I am featuring Bill Gates because I was struck by the giant billboard from one of the Polytechnic schools here in Singapore. "The world needs more than one Bill Gates" - who would not feel inspired with this eye-catching line? True, but did he not pursue any degree while he was in Harvard? Attention students, Bill may have not earned an academic diploma but his outstanding aptitude exempted him from the rule. And I'd like to believe that there are Bill Gates out there who remains to be undiscovered. Truly he is a remarkable man. He established his own name in the software business.

I hope that students will be inspired and continue to feed their minds.

Looking back during my time, I can have as much information stuck in my head. But as time passed, it gradually fades. Well, a part of life that is definitely beyond our control, the undeniable truth of aging. haha!

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June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

He was not rich but a good provider. He was not a degree holder but my greatest mentor and inspiration. He was my source of strength to carry on with life no matter how difficult it'll be. He shaped my mind to aim for success. He was my protector. He was strict but managed to teach me good values. He was the person I could talk to with anything and everything under the sun. He was the person I can joke around freely. He was the man, the only father I can ever be proud of. Love you and miss you dearly!

June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th.I guess this is where it all began. This was such a hit horror movie in the 80s.

But realistically, some countries like the Philippines, Hungary, Belgium, Poland to name a few believe Friday the 13th to be a bad luck. Events could merely be a coincidence, but if it does happen often, I think it sure is a bad luck.

Just this morning I witnessed someone's bad luck. I rode a cab on my way to work when the cab driver started to feel uneasy. He sighs deeply and keeps on saying the local expression "aiyu." I ignored at first and just stared outside the window. But then, uncle driver just can't keep still. "Aiyu" some more meh! haha. I began to feel a li'l bothered. Maybe he couldn't take whatever he was feeling, until he stopped the meter and drove straight to a coffee shop. I was puzzled. It's definitely out of the way. I couldn't help but ask, "Uncle, what is wrong? Are you going to the toilet?" He said YES firmly. Ahh so now I know why he can't keep still. Haha. At first I was confused if I'll have to wait for him or take another cab. He couldn't think straight when I asked him but managed to give me my change after paying. I should have not paid in the first place because it was just a few blocks away from where I stay. Well, I can't blame uncle. I understand how difficult it is to hold something we can't hold. haha especially when all he could say was just "tsk, aiyu". Aaaw, poor uncle.

So instead of feeling pissed, as I was rushing to reach work before my taxi claim gets forfeited, I just had to put my worry behind because of uncle's unfortunate hour. hihi. I walked myself in the neighborhood boulevard and waited for another cab. Luckily, I got another, an auntie cab driver. Weee! I had to request her to drive a bit faster as I am chasing time. Luckily, I reached the office 3mins before call time. But! when I punched in, it was 06:30:59AM. By the time my card was read, it hit 06:31:00AM. Yikes! I'm doomed. Aiyu, uncle shared his bad luck to me. hihi. Well, true enough, Friday the 13th is a bad luck. What about you, anything bad happened today?

June 10, 2008

Cars and Girls. What is it about cars and girls? I was on my way home together with my colleagues when we saw the oldest car ever spotted in Singapore. One of my colleagues jokingly said that he wouldn't let his car old that long, like a junk-old. Haha. Me and Eve just laughed it off. Hypothetically, Eve said that maybe the car was from Malaysia. She thinks that people from Singapore would not keep a car for so long. hehe fair enough, I haven't seen much of old cars since I got here.

The funny thing about our small talks (while on our way to the bus terminal) was Richard started to compare girls with cars. He thinks that the older the car, the higher the maintenance. With girls, the longer you spent with them (gf to wife) the higher the expenses. Is it?

When I got home, I asked Archie. What is about cars and girls? What do they have in common? Surprisingly, answers came out. First, he said with stylish cars, people generally reacts in just one word, "wow" which is same with girls. Second, luxury cars are like "expensive" type of girls. Third, simple car yet relaxing to drive. Girls who are like me, mwehehe. I mean girls who are as simple as the word implies. And lastly, a junk car is alike to unappealing type of girls. Usually, junk cars always need repairs, etc. Just like girls, they need doctors to keep 'em look good. Whoa!

But! Hold your horses. hehe... Apparently, these kind of reactions only happens on first encounter. Eventually, we re-assess ourselves and begin to weigh things. Why buy something expensive when you can have another for a cheaper price, right? Why change an old car when you can innovate it to look different? Just like girls, why go for the "high-end" if you can be happier on lower ends? If I am to assess, the simile between cars and girls do not stop at what our eyes want to see, but with what our hearts feel too eventually. Well, first impression do not always last I think. Tell me, which car would you want to be, the stylish, luxury, simple or the junk? hehe

June 04, 2008

Dear friends, I didn't mean to confuse you by changing blog layouts and name. My apologies to that. I'm just contemplating on which to settle to as I am getting so fascinated with it. hehe

Please, link this up as I will surely update. Thank you! And feel free to write down your comments, I am not gonna bite! hehe...

June 03, 2008

UNIQUE. This is what we all are. As defined, unique is "being the only one of it's kind." I was chatting with my dear friend Joy when this topic came to mind. I told her to visit my blog as I have rekindled with my love for writing again. She said that I am lucky to have the skills to write, to put in words what I have in mind. But honestly, it is not always that easy to put everything in words. Why? because not everything means the exact same thing. It is a fact that no exact message is ever relayed correctly. Check on the process of communication to support this statement. Right now, I am still in the brink of improving my creative writing skills as I have been more exposed to straight news. Admittedly, I am trying so hard. I hope in time, I'd be as good as the people I admire in writing.

Moving on, Joy said she'd rather be the painter, the accountant, and make-up artist than a writer. I exactly reciprocate her talent. I am not a person who loves numbers. I kind of reject it in my mind instantly. I don't know why but it I'd rather be a debater, a TH-writer, an English tutor than a number-expert. Haha. Weird but I just feel this uncertainty when it comes to figures. I get so stressed.

The extremities between me and Joy makes us unique from each other. It makes us "one of a kind."
In this world, billions of people are unique in their own ways. Our talents are incomparable. Either the impact is minute or enormous, we still stand out. I stand out, you stand out. I believe no person is dumb. I guess we all are smart, we're just not smart enough to use 'em right. Clearly, I'd like to convey the message that no matter what strengths and weaknesses each of us have, our capability as a whole person is not measured on it alone. Think of this, if we are all good in the same thing, who would care to do things that we're not good at? If we are all managers, who would want to be an assistant? The uniqueness in us balances the needs and wants in our world. So if you have the passion in what you do, go for it. Don't be stopped by what others would say. Succeed in what you are good at and be UNIQUE!

June 02, 2008

Food - Food - Food

People - People - People

June 01, 2008

Finally, training is over! Wahooo! Two of my Saturdays were spent at Singapore Orchid Country Club. I’d like to share you some tidbits. The training was all about the Art of Service. It aims to help us, Service Providers move a step up to what we already know. One of the highlights of the training that got me really so interested was about the behavioural styles. Our trainer, Sham, gave us an examination called CORE Profiling System. It is a self-test (no right or wrong answer) to check how we typically react to a situation. CORE is actually an acronym to four kinds of behavioural styles.

C – Conventional. A conventional kind of person likes stability and security. He expects cooperation among people and wants things to be clearly defined. Meanwhile, this person would definitely dislike uncertainty and last-minute drastic changes. He is not into conflicts, disorganized and disorderly places. If this person is under pressure, he gives in to others too easily.

O – Observant. To be an observant type, this person likes perfection and accuracy. He likes high standards and quality. On the contrary, this person extremely dislikes changes in procedure or if standards are not adhered to and being criticized by others. If under pressure, this person tends to become critical to himself and others.

R – Resolute. Challenges, variety, has control over everything, and achieve results are a few lists of the likes. Meanwhile, this person dislikes having no control of things. He is not a fan of routine and predictable situations. This person also dislikes not achieving results, details and being micromanaged. If he is under pressure, this person may show lack of concern for others’ views and feelings.

E – Expressive. If you are this person, you most likely want recognition by others. You like to interact with people and obtain approval and acceptance from others. However, you dislike working alone, being unfriendly and in a hostile environment. You also dislike being rejected and disapproved by others. If under pressure, you become disorganized.


I took the test, result showed that I am a high “O” person. True enough, I am a person who likes accuracy, high standards and quality. Admittedly, I’d like perfection. But I know for a fact that it’s never achievable. Although, being a high “O” would not mean I can’t be high on the other styles. We are high C-O-R-E in different ways. We have various roles in our lives, we behave differently to the place and with the people that we are dealing to. Over all, there is NO right or wrong answer.

This is aimed to give us pointers on how to approach people with different behaviours. Cool, right? It was indeed a well-ended training filled with new skills to practice both at work and in our daily lives. So tell me, which behaviour do you possess?