June 03, 2008

UNIQUE. This is what we all are. As defined, unique is "being the only one of it's kind." I was chatting with my dear friend Joy when this topic came to mind. I told her to visit my blog as I have rekindled with my love for writing again. She said that I am lucky to have the skills to write, to put in words what I have in mind. But honestly, it is not always that easy to put everything in words. Why? because not everything means the exact same thing. It is a fact that no exact message is ever relayed correctly. Check on the process of communication to support this statement. Right now, I am still in the brink of improving my creative writing skills as I have been more exposed to straight news. Admittedly, I am trying so hard. I hope in time, I'd be as good as the people I admire in writing.

Moving on, Joy said she'd rather be the painter, the accountant, and make-up artist than a writer. I exactly reciprocate her talent. I am not a person who loves numbers. I kind of reject it in my mind instantly. I don't know why but it I'd rather be a debater, a TH-writer, an English tutor than a number-expert. Haha. Weird but I just feel this uncertainty when it comes to figures. I get so stressed.

The extremities between me and Joy makes us unique from each other. It makes us "one of a kind."
In this world, billions of people are unique in their own ways. Our talents are incomparable. Either the impact is minute or enormous, we still stand out. I stand out, you stand out. I believe no person is dumb. I guess we all are smart, we're just not smart enough to use 'em right. Clearly, I'd like to convey the message that no matter what strengths and weaknesses each of us have, our capability as a whole person is not measured on it alone. Think of this, if we are all good in the same thing, who would care to do things that we're not good at? If we are all managers, who would want to be an assistant? The uniqueness in us balances the needs and wants in our world. So if you have the passion in what you do, go for it. Don't be stopped by what others would say. Succeed in what you are good at and be UNIQUE!


CyberGeek said...

Your blog is Good. It awakens your obsession in writing. Continue your excellent skills and sooner it will be paid off.

Hope to hear to you often.