May 27, 2008

It's time to say goodbye to my old blog layout. I had been using the blog frocks skin courtesy of Ice's creativity for 4 years. This is the only time I had freely wanted to change to a new look. Nevertheless, thank you Ice for the beautiful layout I had been using to post moments of my life.


Today was such a tedious day spent at work. So many things to do yet so little time. I'm glad to make it today. Wohoo! Except that I still have 3 more working days of torture at work. Huhu, I can't wait for next week. Ok guys, it's sleeping time. I'll post some more once I get a chance. Have a goodnight sleep y'all. Muah!

May 26, 2008

Whoa, time flies so fast I didn’t realize it took me over 2 weeks to update my blog. I’ve been caught up with work a lot lately. Sigh, I’m feeling pretty exhausted with just a little amount of time to spare. I only had a day to rest. Poor me, I had to stretch the day in doing all of my chores i.e. attend mass, going to the grocery, ironing clothes and the cooking. I think to multi-task is not only applied at work but also in our daily stuffs especially without anyone to rely on but ourselves. It sucks big time! I’d really like to trade places with Posh Beckham who multi-tasks in lavish ways i.e. being a mom, wife to famous husband, shopping shoes, bags, a jet-setter, etc. Haha!



Last Friday May 23, Archie and I went to dine at Tony Roma’s in celebration to our 5th year together. Weee! It was definitely memorable. We had a sumptuous meal. Yum! I missed eating steak so much. We’re both a fan of steaks but I rarely see restaurants that cater to it here, or maybe I wasn’t too much of an explorer to check out all the places, I could be wrong though. I remember back in the Philippines we are one of the frequent diners of this local steakhouse in Baguio called Sizzling Plate. They serve the best Australian Porterhouse in the city. Well, no place like home they say, hehe. Anyway, I’d like to treasure that night not only for the superb meal but for the reason of celebrating. It is cliché but I gotta say, 5 years is FIVE years. Hehe, I’m grateful to have such a wonderful boyfriend who understands and accepts the best and WORST of me. I love you! Hugs and Kisses!


On Saturday, I attended our company sponsored training titled The Art of Service held at the Singapore Orchid Country Club. Goodness! The place is really at the far end of where I stay. Huhu, I had to wake up some 3-hours before call time to get ready, aiyu! But despite the hassle, I did enjoy the training. It was an added experience and an opportunity to mingle with colleagues. Oh and I love the place, it was so serene. Wish I could stay there longer. Hehe (in my dreams) One more thing, for the first time, I got to play soccer – in the car park. Haha! Nice, right? Overall, it was a fun-packed weekend. What about you, how did you spend your weekend? Ciao!

May 10, 2008

Clockwise from the top: at the famous Esplanade, at the Merlion
with Spiderman, at Raffles Place, with housemates, with Archie,
and the goofin face
Center: dinner with colleagues at Newton Circus

Hi, it’s been a long time since I visited my site. Thanks to Rona for the reminder. Sorry guys if you keep on visiting without any new update.

So what have I been up to lately? After my last post, a lot had happened.

I resigned, left home because I wanted so badly to move on after mom’s passing. I needed to be strong and left the place that reminds me of her to start anew. So I flew to Singapore, packed with just faith.

Initially, I planned to stay here for just a visit. But when I arrived, I was in complete awe. I fell in love with the place. And so I decided to look for a job. Luckily, I got one.

Let me share my experience in getting the job. At first I thought it was easy to outwit other races in getting a job for our Pinoy skills generally. But I was wrong. Even if we think we have the edge, it is not enough reason to risk and leave our comfort zones especially if we have families to support. I've learned that companies strictly follow a certain number of foreigners to hire. And I think the government prioritizes their own residents in getting employment. So if a company reaches its quota for foreigners, even if you are very much qualified, no way you are getting in. So it is not that easy after all.

Before I got the job, I was grilled so badly with questions that were practically irrelevant. Mind you, it was a 3-page list of questions. (Sigh) In my entire career, I never had such an interview; I went through an excruciating process i.e. an exam (for 1hr) then a 3-hour one-on-one interview with a manager. It was really helluva. It didn’t end there. On my way home, I got another phone call. I thought that call was to tell me I’m hired. Not so fast sweetie, it was the supervisor asking me to spare some more of my time. So I told the supervisor on the phone to call me back as I am a few blocks away from home. It would be better to have a conversation. So when I reached home, she called back. Darn, it was again an hour and a half follow-up interview. Whew! Exhausting like hell. Believe me, I cried after that call. I cried not because of the questions but because of exhaustion. I was emotionally traumatized for a few days. I couldn’t get over the manager and supervisor who grilled me to death.

There is nothing else more I can do of what happened, but to surrender everything to Him. It may have been tough but after a few weeks, I got a call. I got in! Praise God. I couldn’t refuse because the company is well-known. I know I will be secured. Who am I to dwell on that little drama and refuse the offer right? And so I took the offer, and thankfully everything ended up well, nothing personal. I think it all goes to what they say “No Pain, No Gain.”

So if some of you guys are planning to try your luck on your own abroad, make sure that you’re well-prepared to accept consequences. Don’t just be financially ready but emotionally, psychologically, physically and mentally ready as well because not all battles are won that easy. Sabi nga nila, dadaan ka muna sa butas ng karayom. True enough.

Life abroad is not as easy as what I thought before. I always had the impression that Filipinos residing out of the country are very lucky and that they never run out of money. Now that I’m here, I defy that impression. Haha

I’ve been here for 7 months now and things have been so different. Sometimes, there are moments when I wish I could go back to the “simple” life I had back home. The happy life I had when my mom was still around. I know it will never be simple again without her.

Tomorrow is mother’s day and mom has gone. She had her last mother’s day celebration last year. Sad, but I still feel like it was just yesterday. It is really tough to lose someone closest to us. And it breaks my heart remembering her. Though I know she is happier where she is right now.

Happy Mother’s Day to you Mama and to all the mothers out there! May you continue to shape the minds of your children to become better persons. Godbless!