October 27, 2006

The heat, the traffic jam, the metered taxi, the greedy drivers, the MRT, the bus, the giant billboards, and the friends I have met. These are what I am surely going to miss. Three years ago, I came here all by myself, as in just myself. No stuffs or anything to call my own. I was like an orphan with no home I could stay put. I stayed with my relatives for sometime, didnt work pretty well. Then I moved in with my friend. Ugh, terrible! Now we dont keep in touch. You know the bloody details so I dont need to put more stress on that :)

Anyway, I am leaving Manila. But despite the idiosyncrasy, I am leaving not by myself but with my family. No more feeling orphaned as well as not hearing bitter friends call me silly names just because they are having their most unfortunate events in their lives and put the blame on me. :) What can I say? The more you hate me, the more blessings keep pouring on me. So please, hate me! Hahaha

Well, I can smell the pine trees; I can see the clouds come down from the sky; the sweet strawberries; the fresh and cost-friendly vegetables, the really-metered taxi, the drivers, the houses up in the mountains, the bonnets and jackets. Hmm, home sweet home. I cannot wait to start anew here after being gone for 3 years. No regrets though. If I have not gone, I would still be this country lass earning just about enough to last a few days and then broke for the rest of the week. I could have not earned what I have right now. So I am going back home triumphant. Yez!

I may be gone but memories will always be memories. Aaaw, thanks to the 3 successful years of maturity Manila has given me. Naks, uuwi lang eh nagdrama pa. hahaha, la lang. feel ko lang naman mag-emote. Imagine how much I am gonna save in my bills? Whew, I cant wait! Hehe. I hope things go well. May YOU guide me, always. Thank YOU! Ciao