October 09, 2010

Social network is the culprit.

I don't know what happened to me that I have neglected the things I love to do. One of which is hangin' out here.

FB is the culprit! Since I joined the cult, I've rarely visited my site. No more blog ads. No more time to do other things. The books I've bought to read had piled up. This is crazy and it better stop! I feel that time is so short to just be glued in FB. I don't play games but just read my friends' status.

And then came twitter! haha...I can't say much of it because I kinda like it more than FB now. I get to read lotsa stuffs. I just like it :)

Anyways, glad to write a little non-sense here again haha! Wish I get to spend more time soon. Hubby and I will go to west coast park this afternoon for a bike ride wee! Excited to burn :)