January 26, 2009

CNY Rush

The passed two days was really manic. I found most of the locals stuck either at the grocery store or inside the mall panicky of buying stuffs for the New Year. Chinese New Year is synonymous to Christmas and New Year’s Eve where people need to prepare food for the celebration, gives gifts, buy new clothes and a lot more.

The funny thing is that I only realized I was also joining their CNY rush. I shopped till the stores closed yesterday at 5pm. I shopped as if the stores will never open haha. Maybe I was such a cheapskate that I wanted to take advantage of the Lunar Promos but then here in Singapore, it's always on sale all-year-round. So I really didn't see much of the difference. I was somehow dragged with the idea that there is something to celebrate and I have to feel it too hehe. I was really in a "shopping mood" because I gotta say my hard work last month paid off!

And now that the shops are closed, my house friends and I will be celebrating CNY at home. It's actually a double celebration, it's Archie's post-birthday party slash CNY hehe. It'll just be a small celebration though but definitely fun

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Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

January 18, 2009

Jack is back!

The long wait is over, Jack Bauer of 24 is back for season 7. I missed this show. After watching the 2-hour pilot shown last November, the series is now officially aired. I've got this on top of my lists to watch again. Prison break and 24 shows are aired on the same tv network. And I'm absolutely sure that both shows are equally the best.

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The Twilight Mania isn't over yet for me. The DVD release is set on March 21st and I don't wanna miss it. So I pre-ordered a copy for myself. I'm so looking forward to it.

In regards to the book series, book 4 is still in shortage. But thanks to Rona I was able to finish the entire series during the holidays. She gave me the ebook copy of book 4 as my reservation has yet to come and I could not hold up to the thrill of it if I waited hehe.

January 17, 2009


I was out with my colleagues last night for a dinner and KTV in Marina Square. It was my first time to hangout with them and I have to say, I had a great time. They're awesome! Too bad I didn't have any photos. We were all too caught-up with the fun and laughter hehe.

Since I moved to the new team, most of the time spent was just right in front of the monitor clicking the spoiled mouse here and there. I only realised now that January is over half way through the calendar.

Anyways, the dinner and ktv was a treat for us in lieu of the round table dinner we missed last December due to work. All of us were cool to sing our hearts out hehe I got to hear them sing cool Chinese songs. And I thought I gotta learn one someday hehe. I sang English but I sucked haha! Overall, it was a fun night. I got home at 4:30 in the morning. Too bad, I had to wake up at 7am to head back to work. That was definitely the uncool part of the fun hehe.

January 12, 2009

Movies this year

My addiction to movies have never ceased. I still eye for the best films to watch and this year, I make sure that I wont miss the best in line.

1. New Moon - Of course, this is on top of my most-awaited movies to watch. I hope it will be made close to what the book describes. Too bad, Edward Cullen only has a short appearance in the book. I wish his appearance in the movie will be lengthy enough to watch hehe

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - who wouldn't miss bumblebee?

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - I wish this will be shown real soon.

4. Jurassic Park IV: Extinction - hehe dino is back

5. Bride Wars - Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway together is really cool

What about you, any movies you'd like to see this year?

January 08, 2009

When the going gets tough...

Eight days had already passed for 2009. Again, a happy new year to everyone.

Gee, I can never beat time no matter how hard I try. I haven't been able to park here because of work. The new year welcomed me with a lot of things to be thankful for and on top of the lists was the opportunity given to me at work. I may whine at times because of exhaustion but I fret no more because I know that I will soon reap what I sow bountifully.

Last year was indeed a fulfilling year for me. Although it's not perfect, I became wiser and stronger living a life independently...as always. I've overcome my fears and gained my almost-lost confidence after a year battling the loss of my beloved mom. Now, I am ready to face head-to-head with my fears again. I hope that this year, whatever challenges there will be either big or small, and when the going gets tough, 'll make it through. I know there is a lot of surprises in store for me. My dear friends, witness me grow this year and enter a new journey in life.

January 01, 2009

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