January 17, 2009


I was out with my colleagues last night for a dinner and KTV in Marina Square. It was my first time to hangout with them and I have to say, I had a great time. They're awesome! Too bad I didn't have any photos. We were all too caught-up with the fun and laughter hehe.

Since I moved to the new team, most of the time spent was just right in front of the monitor clicking the spoiled mouse here and there. I only realised now that January is over half way through the calendar.

Anyways, the dinner and ktv was a treat for us in lieu of the round table dinner we missed last December due to work. All of us were cool to sing our hearts out hehe I got to hear them sing cool Chinese songs. And I thought I gotta learn one someday hehe. I sang English but I sucked haha! Overall, it was a fun night. I got home at 4:30 in the morning. Too bad, I had to wake up at 7am to head back to work. That was definitely the uncool part of the fun hehe.