January 30, 2010

Beach Mode II

Ok, the beach vacation was not over yet. I had another blast of fun in the sun before I fly back to Singapore. Water and sun is surely fun!

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January 16, 2010

Beach mode

Alright...after a visit in the province, I packed my personal stuffs in my bag and headed for the beach.

Haay, my vacation here in the Philippines is really well-spent. Since I started working overseas two years ago, I usually come home to visit for only a week. So this time it's worthwhile.

Hello Bolinao! I love it...


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Beh! hahaha...my havs!
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Giant croc at my back hihi...with my niece Jamaica

January 13, 2010

New name

Today I filed my new passport application that would carry my new name. At first I was glad to hear the there is already a Consular office in Baguio.

While waiting for my queue, I read one note in the billboard informing that overtime process for passport takes 15 working days. Crap! Is it really that long? Urgh! Well, I had no other choice but to deal with it rather than travel all the way to Manila and battle the heat. I told myself to just wait and enjoy. And so I did...

January 11, 2010


I visited Tabuk to see my siblings and spent time with my nephews and nieces. They're growing up so fast.

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And I also took the chance to visit mom and dad's tombs. Dad is turning 10 years in November and Mom's 3rd this June.

January 10, 2010


My sister celebrated her 50th birthday on this day. Happy birthday, ate!

January 07, 2010

Nth mistake

I got home the other day from my trip to Manila.

Before Archie left for Singapore he told me several times to check our marriage certificate and make sure that all information are correct. I kept telling him all is fine and that he's got nothing to worry. Alas, I went to church to check on our details and found out that my birth month is incorrectly entered. Instead of September, it was written October. Goodness! This is exactly what we were talking about. Why cant these typists learn to be more cautious on what they are doing? I gave them the correct information. They miscounted the month. Haay! I bet my case is already their Nth mistake. Sorry but I can't patronize the system. It just sucks big time!

Though I'm still lucky, our certificate has not been submitted yet to NSO. Which means, I don't have to pay any correction fees for the error which I didn't even commit. Whew! Praise God. At the Civil Registrar, we just manually changed the error and had me sign for it.

January 03, 2010

Back to the real world

Happy days were over right after Archie flew back to Singapore yesterday. I was supposed to join him but since I recently ended my contract with DHL, it would be difficult to pass immigration unquestioned. So I decided to stay behind and process change of status in all of my personal data especially my passport.

I just gotta battle the lovesick kind of thing while we're apart...

Anyways, I'm here in Manila having a little taste of fun. I joined Tin with her friends at Star City and rode the breath-taking "Anchor's Away". Argh! The experience was surreal haha. I'll never forget it.

January 01, 2010


We traveled to Bohol right away after our wedding without opening our gifts. Yeah, we left it at home, still safely-wrapped. We didn't get the chance to open it all up after the party because we were so dead-tired. It's like our whole body system just shut down. All those months of preparation flashed in front of us in fast-forward phase. Whew! Twelve months seemed quite fast. Going back, we only had the chance to open our gifts on the eve of new year.

And for that, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all who came with / without gifts. Not only that, we were also overwhelmed with the money gifts we received. We didn't actually expect people to wrap gifts or give envelopes because it was only a day after Christmas :) We understood that our families and friends may have spent it with their loved ones. And their presence on that day was more than enough to make our special day uber-happy. Still, our big thanks! It feels great to be super happy on our wedding day. It makes us feel wanting to get married over and over again haha.

Happy New Year!