January 01, 2010


We traveled to Bohol right away after our wedding without opening our gifts. Yeah, we left it at home, still safely-wrapped. We didn't get the chance to open it all up after the party because we were so dead-tired. It's like our whole body system just shut down. All those months of preparation flashed in front of us in fast-forward phase. Whew! Twelve months seemed quite fast. Going back, we only had the chance to open our gifts on the eve of new year.

And for that, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all who came with / without gifts. Not only that, we were also overwhelmed with the money gifts we received. We didn't actually expect people to wrap gifts or give envelopes because it was only a day after Christmas :) We understood that our families and friends may have spent it with their loved ones. And their presence on that day was more than enough to make our special day uber-happy. Still, our big thanks! It feels great to be super happy on our wedding day. It makes us feel wanting to get married over and over again haha.

Happy New Year!