March 29, 2006

Hola, I attended the recognition day of my niece. She is graduating from high school. It was my mom who brought her up. She was only 11 months old when my sister left her for abroad. Then, the rest is history. Technically, she is like my younger sister. But what makes me disagree to what I just said is that, we clash almost everytime. We were born on the same day at opposite times. I was born 11am while she was delivered 11pm of Sept 26. Of course, on separate years, 8 years to be exact.

Going back to the recognition day, I was there to be her representative to hang her medal for being a student achiever. On our way to the stage, I was called by the emcee as her mother. Whoa! If only I could grab the emcee’s mic to object that I am not the mother. And I strongly disagree if I look like a mom of a 4th year high school. Tsk!

What were so funny about this occasion were the technical difficulties encountered. I can very well recall during my times when unavoidable circumstances happen on live events. A common example would be, when the music is messed up; no sound on the mic; the echoing noise of the sound system; etc. very basic trouble that usually happens on times you badly need it. These things happen to almost every occasion. Pathetic, huh

My last year in high school is one hell of a memory for me. This was the only and most important year. Only because this was the sole time that I did not get any merit in my entire school life since the first time I attended. Important because this was the last time I had spent the 4 years of my growing up years with friends. I did not know how to tell my family that I was not part of the honor roll. My dad had always been my partner on stage. So he casually told me dating gawi cause every end of school year, he was with me on the stage. But sad, I failed on that year.
I blame this failure to my tour in HongKong. Yes, I went to HongKong and stayed there for almost a month. In exchange of fun, I was out of the honor roll. No matter how regretful I was, it already happened. I can never change it no matter how much I strive. It was one failure I will never forget. Sometimes, there are just but things that we badly want but cant simply have it.


March 28, 2006

It is 12:05 in the morning. I just got home. I dropped off Archie from the terminal to Baguio. Yeah, he is going home for an interview. I hope he gets the job. Anyway, on our way back home, my niece left my fan on the taxi. I felt terribly bad. Archie gave that fan to me. Tsk. I just hate it when I lost things that are given to me especially coming from the one I love. I know I am being shallow but hey, I value it so much L even if I cry a bucket of tears I wont have it again. So I will just sleep it over hoping that I get over it. sigh
Another day is over. All along I thought it is already Wednesday but I am wrong, it is only Tuesday. I feel each day is dragging me. I get crazier each day out of boredom. If you are not so occupied, your mind can think of almost everything and anything under the sun. And then I end up pitying myself. This is a typical Libran attitude, the tendency to have self-pity.

My prince got the job in Baguio. Good for him. I am so happy and proud. Well, this is whatcha-ma-call-it gulong ng palad. Minsan nasa itaas ka, minsan nasa ibaba. In our case, dati nasa itaas ako for having a job at my own comfort. But now, things turned out the other way around. Hahaha!

Hay! I am sounding stupid (er) each day. Tama na, magiwan naman ako ng konting katinuhan para bukas. Hehehe

March 27, 2006

It is Monday and there is nothing to be done. I am patiently waiting for the advice to go on training. I dont know how to spend the rest of the day or the week so to speak. I cant go out either cause I dont wanna spend money on unnecessary things. Im sitting right infront of my pc getting tired of lying down in my bed. I hope the advice would be announced. This is how it feels like to be a bum. I get tired counting and looking at the clock every once in a while.

I know I should not ask but what trial could I be having right now. I decide on things with good (if not better) intentions. I just hope that it is worth the wait. If looking for another job is an option, I just cant give up this wfh for once. There is no job I can think of that is more convenient than this. So I must refrain from complaining and be more patient. But what worry me are my financial obligations. I pay my rent, bills, etc. I wont be able to sustain all of these if I would be a bum for more than a week more. Of course, I cant push the river, if its not time, I cant force it. So all I could do right now is pray and wait.

I went to Laguna yesterday to visit my love. I was kind of lazy actually of going but seeing the people that I live with is just pissing me off. So I decided to go. Atleast, I felt a lil colder there than here in the city. Thanks to Mother Nature for the trees. hehehe

I am pissed off to the people that I share the unit with and not my mom nor my niece. You know, I cant explain why they act so uncanny. I am a happy person. And it just freaks me out when I see people who frowns almost all the time. It is so dragging. And this is what I see with my housemates. I dont know what I have done wrong to be treated like that. I have extended my patience long enough to be numb. I learned to be rude because of these people. How unprofessional of them. My mom said that maybe they envy me. Duh, they envy me but they dont work their ass off the way I do. Besides, I am not competing with them. I know this agony has been long overdue. But this coming May, sure it is for real. No more connections, I swear!

Today is Day One of my diet. Sad, I dont have a weighing scale to monitor but I know I would definitely feel the difference. Hehehe. I hope to succeed on this regimen. I must!

Ok, I will be back later.

March 24, 2006

ANG LAKI, two words I uttered with conviction while drinking coffee with Prima and Rona at starbucks this afternoon. Funny how these words have been mistakenly quoted for admiring Joy re: his physique had changed a lot. Hahaha! I was cut short when I was just about to say, ang laki ng pinagbago ng katawan niya .Anyways, I had a great time.

Finally, I was able to finish my clearance. I am getting used to this work from home setup that I don’t have so much patience seeing people screaming at the top of their lungs inside the elevator while conversing. I don’t mean to be rude but maybe it is because I cannot ask for anything more comfortable than wfh.

I need to drive myself in losing weight. I started taebo this morning and didn’t like the effect on my arm. I’ll do belly dancing instead. I hope to look fit in time.

Yan na muna…ang init. Tsk!

March 23, 2006

I’m back! I stayed in Baguio for a few days while my sweetie was recuperating. Nanibago ako sa klima pagbalik ko dito. Tsk, nangati na naman ako ng sobra. Iba pa rin talaga pag natural na lamig. Ngayon, ramdam na ramdam ko na ang summer. Bawat kilos ko mainit pakiramdamL hehehe.

With just a few days, a lot of things had happened here. The campaign was over; my friend got hitched, and then came a new opportunity at work. I still feel lucky even though at times I am at a lost.

Habang free, inayos ko ang clearance and thanks goodness patapos na din. Ganun pala magpa-clearance. Hassle magpa-sign lalo na pag iba-ibang sites. Good thing at dalawang sites lang. Nagpunta kami ni Rona sa Glorietta para tignan yung flipflops store na pinagkakaguluhan ng mga flipflops addict. Hindi naman pala ganun kadami ang paninda at designs. Inikot naming ng pabalik-balik tapos nawala yung excitement naming after seeing yung konting designs nila. Willing na kami bumili eh, ang kaso wala yung gusto naming design. Ok lang din kasi hindi ako ready gumastos. hehehe

It’s summer and I’m gaining weight L. I need to trim down. Hindi ako makakapag swimsuit nito. Hahaha. Ang sarap kumain eh. Parang bumabawi ako sa 2yrs na laging panggabi sa work. Ngayon ko nararamdaman na normal ulet lahat. Kahit temporary, I am enjoying it. Sana tuloy-tuloy na…

March 18, 2006

Hi, sobrang tuwa ko nun nakaraang araw. After mag down ang pldt, the next day gumana na Five9 ko. Yung first live ko sa bahay maganda ang naging welcome kasi nagkarun ako ng $20 incentive. Hehehe. Saya di ba? It is so nice to be appreciated in whatever way sa mga ginagawa. Aaminin ko, nun lagi sablay ang pldt gusto ko na mag-give up. Parang hindi ko kaya i-handle yung issue. Iniiyakan ko problema. As if kayang gawan ng miracle ng pagiyak ko yung problema noh. Kung alam niyo lang kung anong dinaanan ng pc ko dahil sa pldt na yan. umabot na talaga sa point na nakikipag-away na ako sa kanila. mga supervisor ang contact ko kaya agaran ang action. Sinabi ko sa kanila na kapag hindi pa naayos ipapa-cancel ko na lang. Buti na lang at meron co-worker na malapit lang at hindi sabay ng shift ko kaya ok.Hindi na ako nagdadala pa ng pc.

Ngayon, tapos na yung campaign namin. Ano kaya ang susunod? Kaya habang wala pang update, uwi na muna ako ng Baguio para mabisita ko ang aking mahal na meron sakit. Thankful naman ako at discharged na siya ngayon sa hosp. Ilang araw din niya dun.

Sige, next time ulet. I need to pack up. .

March 15, 2006

Haaay, kung minamalas ka nga naman. Excited ako magwork dito sa bahay kaninang umaga. First live ko kumbaga kaso ang pldt nagkarun ng network maintenance. Ayan, nag-off tuloy ako ng wala sa oras. Tsk, sayang ang isang araw.

Eto pa, umuwi si Archie sa Baguio para dalawin papa niya na nasa hospital. Imbes na bumisita lang, pati siya na-admit. Umuwi siya ng Baguio kahit masama ang pakiramadam. Nun Sunday pa siya inuubo tas pabalik balik na lagnat. Ayun, sabi ng doctor meron siyang Pneumonia. Ngayon naka-off ako. Gusto ko siyang samahan pero pano? Hindi kasya ang isang araw unless magbalikan ako. Imbes na makausap ko si Erin, hindi na kasi nag down nga ang pldt :( Nakakafrustrate di ba? Kung kelan kelangan mo saka naman hindi maasahan. Kaya eto ako ngayon, nag waste ng isang araw kakahintay sa sagot ng boss ko. Gusto kong magrisk pero syempre, ke bago-bago kong empleyado puro na ako off. Kaya ok lang kahit hindi pumayag si Erin. Nakausap ko naman na si Archie and he understands. I just hope that he gets well soon :(

March 14, 2006

Ilang araw ko na ino-open ang blog ko pero hindi ako nagpopost. Kasi naman, sa dami ng pwede ikwento, hindi ko alam kung san maguumpisa. Nagpapasalamat na lang ako at hindi ako nakakalimutan ni God biyayaan despite my shortcomings.

Sa wakas, andito na ako sa trabahong gusto ko. Akala ko dati hanggang sa panaginip na lang ung naiisip kong pagtatrabaho sa loob ng bahay. Yun pala posibleng mangyari. Kaya tuwang-tuwa ako nun sabihin ni Prima na sa wfh siya work. Kelan pa yun, last year pa, August to be exact.

Nun sinabi ng mga kaibigan ko na walang benefits ang WFH, nagdalawang isip ako. Ilang buwan din ang lumipas bago ako nagdecide na lumipat na rin. Hindi ko na inisip ung mga benefits. Mas inisip ko yung advantage na makakasama ko mama ko lagi. Hindi na ako magaalala kapag lumalabas ako ng bahay sa gabi. Saka hindi na din magwo-worry mama ko na lumalabas ako ng dis-oras ng gabi. Dami nagtatanong kung bakit ako ang nagaalaga sa mom ko, simple lang sagot – kasi gusto ko. Hehehe. Kanya-kanyang likes lang naman eh. Basta walang pakialaman.

Lakas ng loob lang talaga sa bawat gagawin. Kung hindi rin lang ako natanggap sa wfh, sa Sykes pa rin talaga ako. Sobrang comfortable na kasi ako sa sistema nila. Saka yung mga naipundar kong investments eh galing lahat sa Sykes. Biruin mo, nun bagong dating ako dito sa Manila, ang dala ko lang eh isang manipis na mattress saka fan. Nakitira muna ako sa mga relatives ko sa Sampaloc. Na-experience ko yung pumasok na baha sa buong paligid. Hassle di ba? Gone were the days. Nasa SVI Connect palang ako dati. Pero nun nagkarun ng job fair ang Sykes, pinalad naman, ayun lumipat na ako. Mula nun, nakabili ako ng ref ko last Oct 2004. Tapos, last year naman Sony TV na 25inches naman ang nabili ko. Syempre apart na dun yung napundar kong mga beddings,etc. Ang sarap ng feeling na meron kang nakikitang product ng pinagpaguran. Sa condo na rin ako nakatira. Hehehe. Aside from these, meron din ako konting ipon sa bank.

I feel so blessed that I was able to mature. Ang dami kong natutunan mula nun magtrabaho ako. Naintindihan ko yung value ng money. Dati kasi nun college ako gastadora ako. Na-close ko 3x ang atm ko. Gang sa dumating sa point na hindi ako papaaralin dahil sa sobrang pasaway ko. Binigyan ako ng ultimatum, kapag na-close ko pa ulet atm ko, magsasarili na raw ako. Haaay, syempre di ko na ni-close. Hehehe. Ang masasabi ko lang, sariling disiplina lang talaga kung pano patakbuhin ang buhay. bow! Ang haba na pala ng nasulat ko? Waaaaaa! Sige next time ulet. Sana po hindi kita na-bore.

March 04, 2006

wholly molly! i felt like it was decades ago when i last made a post here. i really missed doing it. imagine how i have been de-stressing all of my frustrations in the past months? hell, it was terrible. But im glad to be back. its good to be home. hehehe
well, there have been a lot of things i had gone through. let me give you a random info on what i had been up to late last year:
October: still with macro. despite the increase in the volume of calls, i was able to enjoy working after bonding with my co-PARTS team. we meet on certain dates to celebrate, party out to have fun. we didnt miss a thing. i am glad to have met new friends that kept me going to work. and one more thing, i bought a tv - Sony Wega 25" with built-in radio with digital surround. whew!
November: hmm, we usually have the halloween celebration in the office right? it was the time that PARTS did participate well. and guess what, they were supposed to award the scariest look that same night but surprisingly, no announcement was made. do i have to wonder still? nah!
December: this is undeniably the happiest month of the year. bonuses, gifts, foods, etc is abundant everywhere. last dec 2004, i didnt leave a cent in my bonus. i spent it all in giving gifts to my whole family. i even took my mom to the supermarket, got her a cart and told her to pick whatever she can pick. hahaha! it was all cash out. but came dec last year, i did exactly the opposite. i didnt spend a penny on my bonus. i kept all of it. so my friends started to eny me. hihihi. here was what i did. its in my savings bank and earning. hehehe
*there is a lot to tell but i will save it for next post. its good to be back!