March 24, 2006

ANG LAKI, two words I uttered with conviction while drinking coffee with Prima and Rona at starbucks this afternoon. Funny how these words have been mistakenly quoted for admiring Joy re: his physique had changed a lot. Hahaha! I was cut short when I was just about to say, ang laki ng pinagbago ng katawan niya .Anyways, I had a great time.

Finally, I was able to finish my clearance. I am getting used to this work from home setup that I don’t have so much patience seeing people screaming at the top of their lungs inside the elevator while conversing. I don’t mean to be rude but maybe it is because I cannot ask for anything more comfortable than wfh.

I need to drive myself in losing weight. I started taebo this morning and didn’t like the effect on my arm. I’ll do belly dancing instead. I hope to look fit in time.

Yan na muna…ang init. Tsk!