March 27, 2006

It is Monday and there is nothing to be done. I am patiently waiting for the advice to go on training. I dont know how to spend the rest of the day or the week so to speak. I cant go out either cause I dont wanna spend money on unnecessary things. Im sitting right infront of my pc getting tired of lying down in my bed. I hope the advice would be announced. This is how it feels like to be a bum. I get tired counting and looking at the clock every once in a while.

I know I should not ask but what trial could I be having right now. I decide on things with good (if not better) intentions. I just hope that it is worth the wait. If looking for another job is an option, I just cant give up this wfh for once. There is no job I can think of that is more convenient than this. So I must refrain from complaining and be more patient. But what worry me are my financial obligations. I pay my rent, bills, etc. I wont be able to sustain all of these if I would be a bum for more than a week more. Of course, I cant push the river, if its not time, I cant force it. So all I could do right now is pray and wait.

I went to Laguna yesterday to visit my love. I was kind of lazy actually of going but seeing the people that I live with is just pissing me off. So I decided to go. Atleast, I felt a lil colder there than here in the city. Thanks to Mother Nature for the trees. hehehe

I am pissed off to the people that I share the unit with and not my mom nor my niece. You know, I cant explain why they act so uncanny. I am a happy person. And it just freaks me out when I see people who frowns almost all the time. It is so dragging. And this is what I see with my housemates. I dont know what I have done wrong to be treated like that. I have extended my patience long enough to be numb. I learned to be rude because of these people. How unprofessional of them. My mom said that maybe they envy me. Duh, they envy me but they dont work their ass off the way I do. Besides, I am not competing with them. I know this agony has been long overdue. But this coming May, sure it is for real. No more connections, I swear!

Today is Day One of my diet. Sad, I dont have a weighing scale to monitor but I know I would definitely feel the difference. Hehehe. I hope to succeed on this regimen. I must!

Ok, I will be back later.