March 28, 2006

It is 12:05 in the morning. I just got home. I dropped off Archie from the terminal to Baguio. Yeah, he is going home for an interview. I hope he gets the job. Anyway, on our way back home, my niece left my fan on the taxi. I felt terribly bad. Archie gave that fan to me. Tsk. I just hate it when I lost things that are given to me especially coming from the one I love. I know I am being shallow but hey, I value it so much L even if I cry a bucket of tears I wont have it again. So I will just sleep it over hoping that I get over it. sigh
Another day is over. All along I thought it is already Wednesday but I am wrong, it is only Tuesday. I feel each day is dragging me. I get crazier each day out of boredom. If you are not so occupied, your mind can think of almost everything and anything under the sun. And then I end up pitying myself. This is a typical Libran attitude, the tendency to have self-pity.

My prince got the job in Baguio. Good for him. I am so happy and proud. Well, this is whatcha-ma-call-it gulong ng palad. Minsan nasa itaas ka, minsan nasa ibaba. In our case, dati nasa itaas ako for having a job at my own comfort. But now, things turned out the other way around. Hahaha!

Hay! I am sounding stupid (er) each day. Tama na, magiwan naman ako ng konting katinuhan para bukas. Hehehe