March 29, 2006

Hola, I attended the recognition day of my niece. She is graduating from high school. It was my mom who brought her up. She was only 11 months old when my sister left her for abroad. Then, the rest is history. Technically, she is like my younger sister. But what makes me disagree to what I just said is that, we clash almost everytime. We were born on the same day at opposite times. I was born 11am while she was delivered 11pm of Sept 26. Of course, on separate years, 8 years to be exact.

Going back to the recognition day, I was there to be her representative to hang her medal for being a student achiever. On our way to the stage, I was called by the emcee as her mother. Whoa! If only I could grab the emcee’s mic to object that I am not the mother. And I strongly disagree if I look like a mom of a 4th year high school. Tsk!

What were so funny about this occasion were the technical difficulties encountered. I can very well recall during my times when unavoidable circumstances happen on live events. A common example would be, when the music is messed up; no sound on the mic; the echoing noise of the sound system; etc. very basic trouble that usually happens on times you badly need it. These things happen to almost every occasion. Pathetic, huh

My last year in high school is one hell of a memory for me. This was the only and most important year. Only because this was the sole time that I did not get any merit in my entire school life since the first time I attended. Important because this was the last time I had spent the 4 years of my growing up years with friends. I did not know how to tell my family that I was not part of the honor roll. My dad had always been my partner on stage. So he casually told me dating gawi cause every end of school year, he was with me on the stage. But sad, I failed on that year.
I blame this failure to my tour in HongKong. Yes, I went to HongKong and stayed there for almost a month. In exchange of fun, I was out of the honor roll. No matter how regretful I was, it already happened. I can never change it no matter how much I strive. It was one failure I will never forget. Sometimes, there are just but things that we badly want but cant simply have it.