April 09, 2006

Blogger was on maintenance yesterday that I wasn’t able to post this right away. Even if the momentum (of boredom) had been gone, I'll post it anyway. hehehe

This is one lazy and humid Saturday afternoon. My mom and niece are lying down the floor wanting to feel a bit of coldness from the tiles while listening to music I play. This is a typical afternoon for people who are not that preoccupied like me. Hehehe. Our neighbors had cut down a few branches of the trees in our compound which made it feel warmer seeing the bright rays of the sun. tsk, it is undeniably summer.

A week and a half ago, I was feeling terribly lonely. I got bored waiting for good news from work. I cried not only because of it but also for knowing that Archie got the job in Baguio. Meaning, he will be staying there and I’m stuck here waiting for work. I felt so left behind. But right now, the loneliness was traded with joy, happiness for knowing that training camp is about to start. Apparently, I was kind of sad thinking that I wont be able to join mom and niece on their trip to Baguio. But later, an email blast was sent advising that the training camp was rescheduled after holy week. Great news! I am so delighted. I feel like going home to Baguio for the first time. I just miss my life there. I swear, no matter where I am or will be Baguio will always be my home. I cant wait!

I was chatting with Prima online and offered her to join me eat pearl shakes:

Abi: kain tayo pearl shakes
Prima: pearl shake?
Prima: nako tataba ka dyan
Prima: tigilan mo yan
Abi: d nga?
Abi: nakakataba ba?
Abi: hehehe
Abi: halos araw-araw umiinom ako ng ganito if not halo-halo
Prima: asukal kaya yan!
Abi: hihihi
Abi: sarap eh
Prima: hhehehheh
Abi: malamig
Abi: cno ba nag-imbento kasi nito
Abi: o ng asukal
Abi: hehehe
Prima: hhhahahha
Abi: hehehehe

How ironic that people invent things that harm people as well. Hehehe. The thing is, I am so freakin bored. My post doesn’t make sense! Hahaha. Chill!
Since I havent been doing much lately, I have all the time in the world to update my blog, add testimonial to friends in my friendster, surf, and watch movies. I had been watching series of movies that I missed on the big screen.

The last movie that I watched in the theater was Proof, a low-budgeted film starred by Gwyneth Paltrow. Of all movies to watch, Archie and I were so unfortunate to have watched it. It was not worth watching. Let me have a quick recall what other movies I watched:

Brokeback Mountain: I watched this with my ASC friends a few days before I left Sykes. This movie is really controversial. And I was never as astonished as when I watched it myself. I had already heard a lot of critiques about it and was never really interested until I watched it. Gosh, I had never imagined that it was actually an adaptation to reality. At some point, I lost interest with sex. The movie is critically-acclaimed, but acceptance to it had not sunk-in just yet for a few days in my mind. Maybe I am exaggerating my opinion but the way it was made really was not how I have pictured it. Overall, it was a movie depicting how the present generation exists.

Crash: This is not a must-see movie. Thank God I did not have to waste money watching it on the big screen. Too many characters made it look so messy. The scene for every actor is too short to even interpret the story. I did not personally like it. One thing more, the movie ad has Sandra Bullock’s face the biggest when in fact her appearance is not that much as the rest. They say in advertising that if an actor’s face is big, it means he/she is being paid much. In this movie, it obviously does not apply. Actually, I did not even see who the main actor was.

Chicken Little: Nice and light movie to watch.

KingKong: I cried when I watched. It was heart-melting. The movie is great and personally, I think it is better than Jurassic Park. If I had watched it in the big screen, maybe I would have screamed a lot. I liked the thrilling part especially the dinosaur scenes.

The Prince and Me: Yep, this movie is not new but mind you, I watch it over and over again. I like it so much. The good thing about this movie was that from beginning to end, they were meant for each other. Everything fell into place. There was no conflict nor a third party involved. I love Luke Mably!

God Must be Crazy: This is forever a must-see movie for me! It gives a genuine and classic laughter. If I wanna de-stress, this is the movie to watch! Hehehe

Later, I am gonna watch Wedding Crashers. By the way, I bought tickets for our trip to Baguio. Yey! I know, it is not Bora, Galera, Palawan or any other place. But Baguio will always be the best place in the world for me. Ciao!