April 10, 2006

Yesterday was great. Archie came to visit with her mom and two more aunts. What a lovely feeling to know that our families get along really well. The elders started calling each other in-laws terms. It is flattering but not too soon. I mean, there are times that I wish to settle down. But often times, a lot of things are still to be done professionally. Archie is going back to school. And I plan to further my studies hopefully next year as well.
Right now, I badly want to go back to school. Yeah sure I get to change my decisions once in a while due to stability in general. But my calling tells me to go back to school. I want to fulfill this kind of calling. Last week, mom told me the same idea, that she wants me back to school. Sad but she said that it seems I am not enriching my knowledge. I just shrugged but it hurts to know the truth. Ever since I worked in a call center my zest to learning and discovering a lot of things had stopped. I got stuck in what I know.

After the release of the BAR exams, two of my high school friends passed. Good for them. Later I realized that my life doesn’t seem to have a sense of direction. I work and that’s it. I don’t wanna stop there though. I wanna do more. I wish to learn to be content but knowing that life is short, atleast I wanna fulfill my dreams as long as God can make it come true for me. For the weeks that had passed, I understood what patience is all about. Risks should be taken as a leap of faith. I don’t want to envy others because nothing good would it give me. All I need to do is to work really hard so I could fulfill my dreams. So many things but so little time in this world.

Baguio here I come. One more day and up we go to my second home. I am hoping that I would really enjoy my trip, my chance to really splurge before work. Thank you God for giving me this life. It is not easy but neither hard to handle.