April 18, 2006

I am back from my long and winding vacation. I had a blast!

I got the chance to visit La Union, where Archie was born. Mom, Riza and I were invited to spend Holy Thursday and Good Friday in the province. I missed going to the beach. It feels good to see the waters especially during summer. It was fun out there. I did my floating skills (thanks to Jane) and swimming my best like I have never swam before. Hehehe. Poor Archie and Riza, all they could do was to watch me. Aaaww!

In spite this enjoyment, there were also some revelations. A fact will always be a fact. I want to believe that my relationship is perfect. But no matter how I want to insist, nothing and nobody in this world is perfect. We cant do anything but accept whatever He has to offer. After all, it is only Him who has the power to run our lives. I know it is not proper to question Him but sometimes we want to know the reason. I hope I would know soon.

When I arrived, bills on my doorstep welcomed me. Hay! So many bills but so little money to pay. I need to work double time to pay all of these. Geez, is it not nice to sleep and then wake up wishing everything is gone and start all over again? Wish! Lets just laugh it all out loud instead.