March 04, 2006

wholly molly! i felt like it was decades ago when i last made a post here. i really missed doing it. imagine how i have been de-stressing all of my frustrations in the past months? hell, it was terrible. But im glad to be back. its good to be home. hehehe
well, there have been a lot of things i had gone through. let me give you a random info on what i had been up to late last year:
October: still with macro. despite the increase in the volume of calls, i was able to enjoy working after bonding with my co-PARTS team. we meet on certain dates to celebrate, party out to have fun. we didnt miss a thing. i am glad to have met new friends that kept me going to work. and one more thing, i bought a tv - Sony Wega 25" with built-in radio with digital surround. whew!
November: hmm, we usually have the halloween celebration in the office right? it was the time that PARTS did participate well. and guess what, they were supposed to award the scariest look that same night but surprisingly, no announcement was made. do i have to wonder still? nah!
December: this is undeniably the happiest month of the year. bonuses, gifts, foods, etc is abundant everywhere. last dec 2004, i didnt leave a cent in my bonus. i spent it all in giving gifts to my whole family. i even took my mom to the supermarket, got her a cart and told her to pick whatever she can pick. hahaha! it was all cash out. but came dec last year, i did exactly the opposite. i didnt spend a penny on my bonus. i kept all of it. so my friends started to eny me. hihihi. here was what i did. its in my savings bank and earning. hehehe
*there is a lot to tell but i will save it for next post. its good to be back!