January 07, 2010

Nth mistake

I got home the other day from my trip to Manila.

Before Archie left for Singapore he told me several times to check our marriage certificate and make sure that all information are correct. I kept telling him all is fine and that he's got nothing to worry. Alas, I went to church to check on our details and found out that my birth month is incorrectly entered. Instead of September, it was written October. Goodness! This is exactly what we were talking about. Why cant these typists learn to be more cautious on what they are doing? I gave them the correct information. They miscounted the month. Haay! I bet my case is already their Nth mistake. Sorry but I can't patronize the system. It just sucks big time!

Though I'm still lucky, our certificate has not been submitted yet to NSO. Which means, I don't have to pay any correction fees for the error which I didn't even commit. Whew! Praise God. At the Civil Registrar, we just manually changed the error and had me sign for it.