January 26, 2009

CNY Rush

The passed two days was really manic. I found most of the locals stuck either at the grocery store or inside the mall panicky of buying stuffs for the New Year. Chinese New Year is synonymous to Christmas and New Year’s Eve where people need to prepare food for the celebration, gives gifts, buy new clothes and a lot more.

The funny thing is that I only realized I was also joining their CNY rush. I shopped till the stores closed yesterday at 5pm. I shopped as if the stores will never open haha. Maybe I was such a cheapskate that I wanted to take advantage of the Lunar Promos but then here in Singapore, it's always on sale all-year-round. So I really didn't see much of the difference. I was somehow dragged with the idea that there is something to celebrate and I have to feel it too hehe. I was really in a "shopping mood" because I gotta say my hard work last month paid off!

And now that the shops are closed, my house friends and I will be celebrating CNY at home. It's actually a double celebration, it's Archie's post-birthday party slash CNY hehe. It'll just be a small celebration though but definitely fun

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Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!