June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th.I guess this is where it all began. This was such a hit horror movie in the 80s.

But realistically, some countries like the Philippines, Hungary, Belgium, Poland to name a few believe Friday the 13th to be a bad luck. Events could merely be a coincidence, but if it does happen often, I think it sure is a bad luck.

Just this morning I witnessed someone's bad luck. I rode a cab on my way to work when the cab driver started to feel uneasy. He sighs deeply and keeps on saying the local expression "aiyu." I ignored at first and just stared outside the window. But then, uncle driver just can't keep still. "Aiyu" some more meh! haha. I began to feel a li'l bothered. Maybe he couldn't take whatever he was feeling, until he stopped the meter and drove straight to a coffee shop. I was puzzled. It's definitely out of the way. I couldn't help but ask, "Uncle, what is wrong? Are you going to the toilet?" He said YES firmly. Ahh so now I know why he can't keep still. Haha. At first I was confused if I'll have to wait for him or take another cab. He couldn't think straight when I asked him but managed to give me my change after paying. I should have not paid in the first place because it was just a few blocks away from where I stay. Well, I can't blame uncle. I understand how difficult it is to hold something we can't hold. haha especially when all he could say was just "tsk, aiyu". Aaaw, poor uncle.

So instead of feeling pissed, as I was rushing to reach work before my taxi claim gets forfeited, I just had to put my worry behind because of uncle's unfortunate hour. hihi. I walked myself in the neighborhood boulevard and waited for another cab. Luckily, I got another, an auntie cab driver. Weee! I had to request her to drive a bit faster as I am chasing time. Luckily, I reached the office 3mins before call time. But! when I punched in, it was 06:30:59AM. By the time my card was read, it hit 06:31:00AM. Yikes! I'm doomed. Aiyu, uncle shared his bad luck to me. hihi. Well, true enough, Friday the 13th is a bad luck. What about you, anything bad happened today?