June 10, 2008

Cars and Girls. What is it about cars and girls? I was on my way home together with my colleagues when we saw the oldest car ever spotted in Singapore. One of my colleagues jokingly said that he wouldn't let his car old that long, like a junk-old. Haha. Me and Eve just laughed it off. Hypothetically, Eve said that maybe the car was from Malaysia. She thinks that people from Singapore would not keep a car for so long. hehe fair enough, I haven't seen much of old cars since I got here.

The funny thing about our small talks (while on our way to the bus terminal) was Richard started to compare girls with cars. He thinks that the older the car, the higher the maintenance. With girls, the longer you spent with them (gf to wife) the higher the expenses. Is it?

When I got home, I asked Archie. What is about cars and girls? What do they have in common? Surprisingly, answers came out. First, he said with stylish cars, people generally reacts in just one word, "wow" which is same with girls. Second, luxury cars are like "expensive" type of girls. Third, simple car yet relaxing to drive. Girls who are like me, mwehehe. I mean girls who are as simple as the word implies. And lastly, a junk car is alike to unappealing type of girls. Usually, junk cars always need repairs, etc. Just like girls, they need doctors to keep 'em look good. Whoa!

But! Hold your horses. hehe... Apparently, these kind of reactions only happens on first encounter. Eventually, we re-assess ourselves and begin to weigh things. Why buy something expensive when you can have another for a cheaper price, right? Why change an old car when you can innovate it to look different? Just like girls, why go for the "high-end" if you can be happier on lower ends? If I am to assess, the simile between cars and girls do not stop at what our eyes want to see, but with what our hearts feel too eventually. Well, first impression do not always last I think. Tell me, which car would you want to be, the stylish, luxury, simple or the junk? hehe