June 01, 2008

Finally, training is over! Wahooo! Two of my Saturdays were spent at Singapore Orchid Country Club. I’d like to share you some tidbits. The training was all about the Art of Service. It aims to help us, Service Providers move a step up to what we already know. One of the highlights of the training that got me really so interested was about the behavioural styles. Our trainer, Sham, gave us an examination called CORE Profiling System. It is a self-test (no right or wrong answer) to check how we typically react to a situation. CORE is actually an acronym to four kinds of behavioural styles.

C – Conventional. A conventional kind of person likes stability and security. He expects cooperation among people and wants things to be clearly defined. Meanwhile, this person would definitely dislike uncertainty and last-minute drastic changes. He is not into conflicts, disorganized and disorderly places. If this person is under pressure, he gives in to others too easily.

O – Observant. To be an observant type, this person likes perfection and accuracy. He likes high standards and quality. On the contrary, this person extremely dislikes changes in procedure or if standards are not adhered to and being criticized by others. If under pressure, this person tends to become critical to himself and others.

R – Resolute. Challenges, variety, has control over everything, and achieve results are a few lists of the likes. Meanwhile, this person dislikes having no control of things. He is not a fan of routine and predictable situations. This person also dislikes not achieving results, details and being micromanaged. If he is under pressure, this person may show lack of concern for others’ views and feelings.

E – Expressive. If you are this person, you most likely want recognition by others. You like to interact with people and obtain approval and acceptance from others. However, you dislike working alone, being unfriendly and in a hostile environment. You also dislike being rejected and disapproved by others. If under pressure, you become disorganized.


I took the test, result showed that I am a high “O” person. True enough, I am a person who likes accuracy, high standards and quality. Admittedly, I’d like perfection. But I know for a fact that it’s never achievable. Although, being a high “O” would not mean I can’t be high on the other styles. We are high C-O-R-E in different ways. We have various roles in our lives, we behave differently to the place and with the people that we are dealing to. Over all, there is NO right or wrong answer.

This is aimed to give us pointers on how to approach people with different behaviours. Cool, right? It was indeed a well-ended training filled with new skills to practice both at work and in our daily lives. So tell me, which behaviour do you possess?