June 28, 2008


It's movie review time! hehe. I haven't done this for a long time. The photos I have above are the only few of so many I had watched during my lazy weekends. Please follow through clockwise.

Forbidden Kingdom: It was like a dream come true for me to see Jet Li and Jackie Chan in a movie. I can not miss it! I love this two. No questions asked. I am a certified martial arts movie junkie. The story was good and the stunts were uniquely executed. Thumbs up to these great actors. I hope to see them both again in another movie.
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Iron Man: Weee! Robert Downey, Jr. hasn't lost his charm. He is still very charismatic despite the action-packed movie. Robert and Gwyneth has a good screen chemistry. The unique thing about this movie was that the characters maintained to put spice til the end. I was hoping they would kiss like most superhero movies do but I was wrong. It was a new twist this time. I am looking forward to its sequel. Overall, the movie is definitely a must-see!
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The Bucket List: Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are both great actors. The movie was funny yet touching. It was a story of two men diagnosed with cancer admitted in the same hospital room. Jack is a filthy rich hospital owner while Morgan is a mechanic and dedicated husband. The two were on their chemo sessions when Jack read Morgan's bucket list, a list of what Morgan would like to do before he dies. Jack found the idea fascinating. Thus, both men explored the world whilst they can. It was a great movie. I laughed and cried with their adventures. I have my own bucket list should I happen to know when my time comes. I'll give you details in my next post. Moving on, this is another must-see movie!
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Sex and the City: OMG, this movie was fabulous! I loved it! I loved the story. I got so carried away by the scene where Big stood up Carrie in the church. I was trembling in anger while watching and didn't realize my tears were falling. It was very intense. It's a must-see for girls. Ok, my ratings looks biased. hehe, but seriously it is good. All of these movies are good. It's worth it.
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What Happens in Vegas: The movie was quite messy and loud. The reason I watched it is because of Cameron Diaz. There was no screen chemistry. Ashton may be good looking but I just don't like his acting. There's just something missing in it. This movie is not so much of a catch for me.
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Wanted: I wasn't "wowed" by this movie. I think the movie was more of a short story. There was no much conflicts. Angelina's stunts of course were superb. But the story was not as exciting as I had expected. Catch it if you wanna see Angelina's sexy body.
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Kung Fu Panda: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, whilst today is a gift that is why it is called Present." I loved this line. It was inspiring. I admire people behind animation films. I salute them for imagining beyond and put it in film. I have always been fascinated with watching animation. Funny, unique and adventurous movie. Popcorn and soda is a perfect match for this movie!
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