November 28, 2004

One FiNe DAy

first, i had lunch with my boyfriend at Kenny's earlier today.went walkin along Shangrila on my way to work.know what's bad, when i reached office, gee...i got really exhausted tryin to get the dance steps on "I'm really Hot" video of Missy Elliot.yeah, it's for the upcoming xmas party.everythin is doin pretty fine though.ivy came to talk about just hopin that we'll make it.i mean, win the grand prize.hehehe
hmmm,work is minimal since it is still a weekend so i bet y'all wouldn't even think of callin up a company.still enjoyin the long wkend vacation that i was deprived of.
anyway, i got 1.5hrs left to go before headin home.oh, my bf is gonna pick me up so we're gonna have dinner first.
alrightee, i think i have nothin else more to say.this is just one fine day...