November 26, 2004

-OuT oF WoRk-

hi,im taking my 2 days off from work though it's not enough to recuperate stress.anyway,i just dropped by to leave a note.i got up around 11:00 am.i went with my cousin to eat our lunch and was hoping i'd see the choreographer guy.we're gonna have a huge company xmas party at PICC on the's a carnivale party and part of it is the hiphop dance competition.that is where the choreographer guy comes in.
it is in 2weeks so we gotta give our best shot to win the grand prize.Rona, my Brit friend is getting pretty excited about it.i hope she wont mistake it as a cheering competition. if not, we're doomed. hahaha, hi Rona!!!!
ok, until next time. cheers!