June 25, 2006

I cried myself to sleep the other day for reasons I cannot tell you. Crying had been my outlet every time I feel down. And I prayed to Him to guide me. In my sleep I dreamt of a young white/beige horse playing cheerfully with me in a garden. I am not so much into astrology but just a brief interpretation on my dream, here is what I have found:

Horse: To dream about horses generally is associated with big earnings and will enjoy prosperous and happy life.

Young: Vigor. Freshness. Need for experience and understanding.

White: People feel they can rely on you. You have an abundance of energy and vitality.
Beige: Everything related with this color denotes neutrality and detachment. There is absence of communication.

Garden: Big happiness. Inner self .Suitable time to pursue love affairs.

Ref: http://www.petrix.com/dreams/index.html

There you have it. It seems that the reason for my crying is miscommunication. Other than that, everything looks pretty well the same as what is happening. Well, I have to think positively for this.
Rest day is the next big thing for now! hehehe