September 06, 2009

Customer Service in Singapore

Of all the ad blogs I have written, I guess this is the most interesting topic to blog about. I have only been here in Singapore for 1yr and 11months. But I must say, in that short span of time, I've my fair share of good and bad customer service experience.

I'd like to share my customer service experience with a jewelry shop. Late last year, me and my fiance were looking for a perfect wedding band. We've been to different jewelry stores from east to west. There were a lot of great finds but I didn't like how I was served. As a customer, I'd seen staffs who are very pushy. And this attitude can boo away customers, I didn't like personally.

Luckily, we stepped in to CITIGEMS. Their staff, Diana, is very passionate with her job. She is empathic to her customers. I was very pleased on how I was served. I've never seen such an excellent customer service. She gives her most honest suggestions beneficial to customer and not for profit cause only. She is one exception of showing fair customer service both to local and foreign customers. She knows how to blend with the needs of her customers and not insistent. She makes sure her customers are happy-customers when they leave the store. I was completely satisfied.

I've shared this topic because of a group of people called "squad members" from Service Squad. This is an online site initiated by various agencies to be the platform for everyone to raise their opinions and experiences of good or bad customer service in Singapore.

The service squad is launching a campaign Are You Being Served to raise awareness and to bring the customer service of Singapore to a higher level.

We encourage your participation by joining this vision and mission. Please login at Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story because we value your input.