September 05, 2009

Kids are in or not?

Saturdays are mostly quiet in the office. Most of the stations are empty, lights are off and only keyboards are heard with a few heads working (or pretend to be working) hehehe.
I was browsing and asked Susanna her opinion on the shoes that I want to buy for my big day when we started to chat about weddings, then kids. She told me that she doesn't want to get married nor have kids. I was so intrigued to know the reason. She said that she gets irritated by the sound of babies crying haha. She thinks she would fail as a parent and doesn't want her kid to cuss on her later on haha. Naiyana joined our conversation and agreed that she doesn't want to have kids as well. Whoa, what is wrong with these girls? hihi. I told them that despite the crying babies, the joy of having kids is actually beyond any earthly explanation. Instead, they insisted that they are not ready to commit their lives to their kids. Hmm, very typical perspective from a workaholic point of view I guess. The funny thing is, I told them that maybe it is easy for them to say now that they don't want to have kids because they aren't old yet. But when time comes, they will eventually need someone to take care of them. Guess what's their answer? If they grow old and in the home care, they'll have no chance to slap their children hahaha. Goodness! Now it explains why most women here are still single even in their 30s. That's life!