September 02, 2009

Work is Nuts!

In relation to my previous post, work is constantly becoming a challenge. This is because of a person who made everyone's life miserable. She's like a virus that needs to be contained.

My professionalism had been tried and tested so many times since I joined this company. It started from a tedious 3-hour job interview, adjustment to colleagues when I got hired, change of departments and managers, and the list goes on.

To put it in focus, I felt devastated a week ago when I learned that my leave was not approved. I know from a manager's perspective that if operations fail, leaves are subject to approval. But in my case, the leave was planned even before I was moved to this department end of 2008, even before the managers had changed. It had long been fixated. It was really nuts! Of all my leaves, this is the leave that I cannot afford not to happen. I felt bad, she thinks it's easy because she's not in my shoes. In fact, I expected her to give me support knowing that she had been married too. She should know the importance. But she gave me the answer I never saw coming. Anyways, I didn't stop. Instead I prayed very hard that she'll have a change of heart and let me take the leave. I really fought for it til I got approved hehe.