August 31, 2009

Rough and tough...

It had been a rough and tough week in the office. Work had suddenly become chaotic because of people leaving. Since this person got hired, work had turned sour to everyone. She must be a real jinx. Hay! And it is so unfortunate for me to be under her roof. If only I have to means to leave, I could have left too.

Another bunch of people is leaving next week. Eve is ending on Monday and another on Friday. Whoa, it is really manic! This is not a retrenchment but a poor management so to speak. In my personal opinion, I think the company's business strategy is weak. Their priorities are different which is why employees leave. I once watched a CEO talk about his priorities. He said that the top 3 would be 1) his employess, 2) customers) and 3) share-holders. Too bad our office chooses his employees the least. What can a customer and share-holders do without employees to run it? Sigh, I just feel bad that our office does not live up to its famous name.

Why don't I leave too? I'm not a hero for staying hehehe. I'm still under contract so it's tough for me to be torn in between. If I choose to leave before my contract ends, I'll be thrice my salary at a big loss. Though I am hoping for a change, it's never too late.