August 02, 2009

W-Prep II

Hello August! It's a brand new month. I haven't been parking here for a while due to a lot of things that is happening both in my personal and work life. Work in the previous month had been very tough with the new manager around. But I finally get the hang of it. So I think I should be fine.

As to my personal life, I'm pretty much tied-up with the second phase of W-Preps. I've booked the invites and giveaways, finally! Although I haven't included the giveaways for our sponsors. I'm still working on closing the deal. I find that it's quite tough to handle everything especially I'm based abroad (the event will be back home in Phil) But why should I complain? I chose to be hands on to it, so I gotta do anyway. I think it is much better to know the ins and outs of the things I want, so I'll only have myself to blame in case I fail hehe.

Thanks to the checklist that I have, I am able to list the things that needs to be done and I'm so happy that I'm over 50% done. Kudos! By the time I go back in Oct, hopefully about 80% done. It's four months away and I can't hide the smile on my face. I'm happy. Although there are some bumps and humps along the journey, I still hope that we'll pull this through smoothly. I don't let any bad vibes dampen my happy thoughts. I'm just so happy...and I hope this mood remains constant as long as it can be.