August 07, 2009

Future Thought

I am feeling so bored today staring blankly at my pc. True enough Friday is so much loved! But with nothing to do, makes the Friday slightly hated.

I am now a few months away from my EOL with DHL. Should I or should I not renew? That’s a big question yet to be answered. I know the economy is still recuperating from its major business losses. Still, I want to try my other options. I have always wanted to try my own field of profession. It’s been almost 7 years since I last practiced my true profession, full-time. And I miss it! I wish I’d be given the opportunity to work-with-passion, again. I miss the unexplainable smell of the printer ink, miss reading the over-sized broadsheet, and glossy mags, answering the crossword puzzles corner, checking who is in and out in sports and celebrity world.

I feel that my niche is still on this field. It's just too bad that it wasn’t a fulfilling job back home, not to many ordinary people like me.

I've been checking my options online on how to multi-task both in school and work. Given the chance, I'd really want to try next year if my schedule permits. We'll see...